MTP/MPO patch cords, 24 fibres (1 x 24F) multimode OM4, aqua

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  • OM4 multimode 24 fibre (1 x 24F)
  • MTP Elite or Standard
  • LSZH jacket
  • Female or male MTP MPO connectors

HypaFOX MTP MPO equipment patch cords are used to connect directly to transmission equipment. Containing a flexible outer sheath, they are slimmer than trunk cables and easier to route within a rack. MTP MPO patch cords are generally used to support parallel optical communications and are available as either 12 or 24 fibre configurations. Due to transmission equipment containing male MTP MPO ports, the MTP MPO patch cords contain a female MTP MPO connector at the transmission equipment end to ensure correct mating. The opposite end can be provided with either female or male MTP MPO connectors, depending on the connectivity method.

  • Available with OM4 multimode fibre (multimode OM3 also available)
  • 12, 24 fibre options
  • 24 fibre options available with 2 x 12F MTP MPO connectors at each end or 1 x 24F to 2 x 12F connectors
  • LSZH jacket
  • Female or male MTP MPO connectors
  • Factory terminated and tested
  • Choice of 4 connector options: MTP Elite, MTP Standard, Low Loss (LL), MPO Standard
  • Small diameter and flexible cable construction
  • 12F Diameter: less than 10 m - 3.0 mm
  • 24F Diameter: less than 10 m - 3.0 mm
  • Fast production and delivery times
  • Available colours - Aqua, Violet

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