1RU 96-fibre slide out, patch only high-density optic patch panels

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  • 1RU Ultra High Density Fibre Optic Patch Panel
  • 96 Fibres
  • LC/UPC or LC/APC
  • Patch only
  • Left-hand side or right-hand side
  • 19&21" mounting

This high-density 1RU 96-fibre patch only shelf is loaded with 4 x ¼ RU trays. Each tray is equipped with 12 LC duplex adaptors. The shelf can accommodate max. 4 patch trays with a total capacity of 96 LC connections.

Each ¼ RU trays can slide in and out independently via the main chassis’ side rails, allowing access to STB pigtails and splice holders that are installed in the trays, making it easy for service and maintenance works.

The outgoing patch cords are managed with an individual releasable cable management bracket, securing 24x patch cords per tray.

When installed in a chassis, each tray can slide out 40mm from home position, making patch cords installation easy, eliminating the need for pull-tab connectors.

  • Cable entry: Front and Rear
  • Application: Equipment racks - 600mm deep+


  • High-density OEM patch labelling and colour coding for each adaptor
  • Optional LH and RH cable management for patch cords
  • Supplied fully loaded with adaptors
  • Trays can use fibre tubes with 12 and/or 24 fibres
  • Universal patch only shelf 96-fibre 1RU for 2x 48 way or 1x 96 way OSP cable or 2x 96-fibre 1RU for 192-fibre OSP cable
  • Optional lid and 2RU 19” brackets for 192-fibre OSP cable
Image  Part No. RU Fibre Connectors Description
70063242001081L 1RU 96 LC/APC Left-hand side patch only shelf
70063242002081R 1RU 96 LC/APC Right-hand side patch only shelf 
70063242003081L 1RU 96  LC/UPC  Left-hand side patch only shelf
70063242004081R  1RU 96  LC/UPC  Right-hand side patch only shelf 


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