DIN Rail Mounted Fibre Enclosures

DIN Rail Mounted Fibre Enclosures

The DIN rail mounted fibre enclosures feature a slim and compact design, whilst providing maximum fibre density. Can be installed in control cabinets, indoor / outdoor cabinets, or directly onto DIN mounting rails, and are an ideal solution for either industrial, mining, power or other harsh environment telecom networks.

Enclosures also feature rigid metal construction and openable side panels. Depending on the selected model, distribution cable generally enters from the bottom of the enclosure and connections are then presented on the front patching plate in either LC, LC/A, ST, SC or SC/A adaptors.

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What is DIN Rail Mounted Fibre Optic Enclosure?

Compact DIN Rail Mount Enclosure is a mounted termination enclosure or active equipment that is employed widely in industrial applications, and seamlessly integrates with existing DIN rail mounted equipment. It's compact size makes it perfect for installation in limited spaces, providing protection of terminations in harsh environments.

The Warren and Brown Rail Mounted Fibre Enclosures are designed to be compatible with a variety of different adaptors as well as specially designed models for MTP/MPO pre-term (plug and play), splice and patch and patch only enclosures.

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