PAI subrack, 19/21 inch rack mounting, 1RU

PAI subrack, 19/21 inch rack mounting, 1RU

Fibre optic patch panel, Splice/Patch, SC/A, LC, 120 fibre splice, 30 fibre patch, 2RU, left pivot

Fibre optic patch panel, Splice/Patch, SC/A, LC, 120 fibre splice, 30 fibre patch, 2RU, left pivot

1RU Front cable management attachment

1RU Front cable management attachment

PAI subrack, 19/21 inch rack mounting, 1RU


This Power and Alarm Interface sub-rack replaces previous PAI units S/I’s 353/724 and 755/00335.

It provides a normally closed “clean” alarm contacts from “earth on alarm” telecom power and network equipment alarm outputs. The PAI Sub-rack is suitable for applications such as interfacing Digital Radio systems equipment to Siemens TESAMS Alarm Point Scanners for remote control inputs to the radios.

All I/O connections on this unit are provided on the front panel. The ten alarm inputs and outputs are available via permanently paralleled RJ45 sockets and IDC contacts. Power is supplied to the unit through the spring loaded cage clamp connector. In normal operation there is a Green LED’s glowing that indicates the unit is powered and operational. The front panel mounted circuit breaker button protrudes when tripped indicating power to the sub-rack is off.

The cable management tray with cable tie off points allows all the wiring to be neatly routed and dressed.

The PAI has reversible mounting brackets to enable to be front or rear mounted in 19 inch or 21 inch (Type 92) racks, or rear mounting 19 inch (Type 84) racks as well as surface mounting.

The PAI is fitted with a 1 Amp thermal circuit breaker to the supply input.

More Information
Telstra Product Name PAI SUBRACK, 19/21" RACK MOUNTING 1RU
Telstra SKU 35301876
Size 1RU
UNSPSC 43222814


Supply Voltage:                         - 24 & -48V nom (-20 to -65V DC)

Supply Current:                            20 to 100mA

Alarm Input “Off” Voltage:            -21V nom, -30V max Alarm Input “On” Level:                                      -1V at 10mA max

Alarm Input “On” Current:              6mA nom, 10mA max


Alarm & Status Outputs:

Contact Rating (resistive):          500mA at 60V DC max, 500mA at 125VAC max Contact resistance:                                                100mΩ max.


Operating Temperature Range:

-10OC to 55O with RH up to 90%.



Height:                                      44mm, Panel Width (w/o mounting brackets): 435mm, Depth: 90mm, Weight (including brackets): 1.45kg.


Cable sizes:

Input Power Cables:                              0.2 to 1.5mm2

IDC Input & Output Cables:                    Conductor 0.4 to 0.63mm

Insulation:                                             0.7 to 1.1mm

Stripping length input power cables:       8 to 9mm with cage clamp terminations.