Multi-user Telecommunications Outlet (MUTO) Box, 12F, MPO to LC OM4 Duplex

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This Multiuser Telecommunications Outlet Box, or MUTO boxes, are designed to enable the direct terminations of up to 12x Fibres in a common, permanent location, such as a column, wall, or permanent furniture, close to a cluster of work areas.


  • Direct termination of distribution fibre cables
  • Remote cable terminations within building
  • Fibre-to-the-desk applications
  • Small, compact size; Suitable for limited space installation
  • Colour variations for different uses
  • Continued patch connectivity: 12F MPO to OM4 Hydra cables / OM4 LC Duplex violet connectors & adapters.
  • 2x separate clear perspex top covers; Isolated access to either the MPO cables or the front patch connections.
  • Visible cable routings and connections for added security
  • Swing-down front panel for easy patching access during service and installation
  • Slight colour shade variations in final production may apply


Cable entry knockouts

• Rear: 2x Ø16mm knock out for 2x M16 glands

• Front RHS and LHS openings with rubber pinchweld edging for incoming patch cords

Patch panels

Straight, front and rear (MPO and LC duplex)


4x base mounting holes for flat surface mounting


Clear perspex sliding top covers


Mild steel


Pink, Blue


Powder coated




150mm L

290mm W

45mm H

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