Outdoor multi loose tube fibre optic cable (6 - 144 fibres)

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The multi loose tube cable construction consists of up to 144, 250μm optical fibres in 12 fibre gel-filled loose tubes with fillers where appropriate, SZ stranded around a fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) central strength member with water-swellable threads and water-swellable tape.


Suitable for internal or external applications in ducts or intra-building links in campus environments


  • Singlemode G652D: 6, 12, 24, 48, 72, 96, 144 fibres
  • Multimode OM3: 6, 12, 24 fibres
  • Colour coded fibres
  • Choice of PE or LSZH jacket
WBT Part Number Cable type Fibre breakout Sheath colour Fibre Fibre type No. of fibres
112x303 Outdoor multi loose tube fibre optic cable 250 micron Blue Singlemode G652D 6
112x304 Singlemode G652D 12
112x305 Singlemode G652D 24
112x306 Singlemode G652D 48
112x307 Singlemode G652D 72
112x308 Singlemode G652D 96
112x309 Singlemode G652D 144
112x310 Multimode OM3 6
112x311 Multimode OM3 12
112x312 Multimode OM3 24

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