Slide out FOBOTs

Slide out FOBOTs

Slide-out splice/patch or patch only FOBOT (Fibre Optic Break Out Tray) is an enclosure assembly that minimizes the amount of movement that occurs to the optical fibre cords, as the tray smoothly slides out, ensuring a very high degree of protection for working services.

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How to select the right FOBOT?

There are a few things to consider when selecting your FOBOT. What is right for someone else may not be for you. Some things to consider are:

  • Density required. How many cables and connectors will you be running through the FOBOT?
  • What FOBOT type is most suitable for you in terms of access required and budget? Is it the fixed, swing or slide model?
  • Will you be splicing fibre optic cables, or will you use a pre-terminated patch only solution?
  • What type of rack are you mounting your FOBOT in? Will it be rear or front-mounted?
  • Do you need singlemode or multimode solution?
  • Does your environment require dust protection?
  • What type of connector will you be using? E.g. LC, SC, etc.

The Warren & Brown 1RU and 2RU rack mount fibre enclosures (FOBOT’s) provide an effective and economical means of splicing and patching incoming cables, pigtails and patch cords.

Made from high-quality steel, and featuring sturdy sliding rails, multiple cable entry locations, as well as the necessary labelling and accessories, these FOBOT’s are an effective solution for any high-speed optical network.

All optical connectivity feature high specification optics with guaranteed low loss performance.

FOBOT options:

  • Splice & patch slide-out FOBOTs
  • Patch only slide-out FOBOTs
  • Splice & patch slide-out angled FOBOTs

The HypaConnect FOBOTs are provided as a complete solution, including:

  • Rackmount, sliding enclosure FOBOT
  • 19” mounting brackets
  • Adaptor plates with pre-installed fibre optic through adaptors
  • Pigtail kits
  • Heatshrink splice protectors
  • Splice trays
  • Labelling kit with optional front management tray
  • Velcro wrap and other accessories

  • Benefits & features:

    • 3 x LGX based adaptor plates for 1RU and 6 x LGX based adaptor plates for 2RU FOBOTs
    • Coloured pigtail kits included with every splice and patch version. E.g. 24 fibre FOBOTs contain, 2 x 12F pigtail kits
    • Multimode and Singlemode fibre options
    • Low, medium and high-density configurations
    • Optional front cable management panel
    • Provided with all mounting, splicing and cable management accessories required

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