Drawer equipment splice panel, 60 fibre

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This assembly of 5 splice trays on a steel - mounting bracket is used to house splices for up to 60 fibres on a single drawer of any of the Optical Fibre Distribution Modules (OFDMs). It can also be used anywhere multiple splicing is required; such as customer termination boxes, splice closures, etc. Each tray is hinged and supplied with a locking arm, so that it swings up to allow access to fibre in lower trays. The trays are capable of housing up to twelve, fusion splices in the splice protector holders provided. Ratchet clamps are also provided to retain incoming loose tubes or pigtails, without excess crush on the fibres. A pigtail lock is included to assist in fibre flow of multiple pigtails away from the splice trays to the drawer exit. The pigtail lock is for 2.0mm to 2.4mm dia cords. Fibre separator strips are provided so that bare fibre can be stored above spliced fibre within the same tray. An incoming fibre can be reversed in direction on a splice tray.

  • Accepts up to 60 fibres
  • Complete with splice tray assembly and splice protector holder clips
  • Loose tube and pigtail clamps incorporated in the tray design
  • Comes with 1 x pigtail lock, for 2.0mm to 2.4mm dia cords (Part No: TC248S-27)
  • Heat shrink splice protectors (Part No: 100 x 080 [Pack of 100]); available separately
  • Other splice protector holders are available separately
  • Purchase as a unit


390mm (W) x 65mm (H) x 140mm (D) 


965 grams 





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