Singlemode monitoring cassette, splitter 12 x 50:50 LC

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Used for monitoring optical signals being transmitted and received by Telecommunication Carriers.

The HypaFOX Monitoring Cassettes; a low profile plug and play cassette, fitted with low loss fully passive components; enables monitoring of 12 fibre optic Single-mode data transmission channels.

The SM unit is fitted with low loss Grade A LC UPC optical connections which are connected to the 1x2, 50:50 Split Optical Splitters/coupler.

  • Compact, Slide and Lock-in Cassette
  • Low loss SM (G652D) Grade”A” LC UPC optical connections. Mean loss: 0.07dB: < 0.15dB (Random Method)
  • Premium Grade, Dual Window low loss G652D, 1x2, 50:50 Split Ratio Optical Splitters/Couplers. Insertion Loss (1310/1550nm): ≤3.2dB

Single Mode Dual Window Splitter/Coupler Specifications (Grade: Premium): 

Operating Wavelengths: 

1310 & 1550nm 

Operating Bandwidth: 


Operating Wavelength Window: 


Typical Excess Loss: 


Insertion Loss (dB) / Split Ratio 50:50 


Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL): 


Temperature Dependent Loss (TDL): 


Return Loss 

> 50 dB 

Power Handling 

< 1000 mW (+30dBm) 


≥ 55dB 

Fibre Type: 

G652D (9/250µm) 

Operating Temperature: 

-40 ~+85˚C 

Storage Temperature: 

-40 ~+85˚C 



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