Connector, IPC 25-120 main/6-70 tap sq mm

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The IPC is made from fibre-glass re-enforced plastic material, with 2 sets of internal contact teeth for each of the main and tap cables. The contact teeth are thin and strong, to enable good penetration into the cable/s. Top and bottom pressure plates and the tightening bolt are made of corrosion protected steel. The IPC can be safely used on live power cables (or earth cables) of – 48V DC. When the IPC’s bolt is progressively tightened the contact teeth are forced through cable insulation, less than 3mm thick, to make an electrical connection. The IPC’s can be used on aluminium and copper main and tap-off conductors. Only tighten the IPC’s bolt to the recommended torque of 22Nm. These IPC’s are to be used indoors, in a dry situation.

Important: Tighten the bolt progressively, up to the recommended torque value of 22Nm, in order to ensure an even and level mating between the two halves of the IPC.

  • Provides a quick and effective means of installing tap-offs in power or earth cables.
  • Used in Exchanges or CO’s at a voltage of – 48V DC, or on the earth cable/s
  • Has an end cap, for the tap cable
  • Easily and quickly installed
  • Purchase as a unit

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