Copper Closures & Accessories

Copper Closures & Accessories

Scalable copper network solutions optimise network construction and maintenance for faster and more reliable high-bandwidth transmissions. Our copper closures are designed to be easily installed and re-entered, maintaining low installation and maintenance cost. They are made to protect splices of copper twisted pair cables in the underground, direct buried, aerial, wall and pole mount, pedestal, manholes applications.

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  1. In-line unpressurised closure, 122/30-500

    In-line unpressurised closure, 122/30-500

    A$131.80 Incl. GST
  2. In-line unpressurised closure, 75/15-250

    In-line unpressurised closure, 75/15-250

    A$69.25 Incl. GST
  3. In-line unpressurised closure,  43/8-200

    In-line unpressurised closure, 43/8-200

    A$53.35 Incl. GST
  4. In-line unpressurised closure, 43/8-100

    In-line unpressurised closure, 43/8-100

    A$43.54 Incl. GST
  5. In-line pressurised closure, 200/65-900

    In-line pressurised closure, 200/65-900

    A$592.02 Incl. GST
  6. Sleeve, pressure/water block ACBS-W-45/40

    Sleeve, pressure/water block ACBS-W-45/40

    A$183.71 Incl. GST
  7. Sleeve, pressure/water block ACBS-W-40/30

    Sleeve, pressure/water block ACBS-W-40/30

    A$144.06 Incl. GST
  8. Sleeve, pressure/water block ACBS-W-24/18

    Sleeve, pressure/water block ACBS-W-24/18

    A$110.72 Incl. GST
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Items 1-9 of 39

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