CWDM slide out box 1470-1510nm, exchange end

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This compact depth CWDM unit for (singlemode) SFW, allows 3 x RRU’s to be connected from the Exchange using a single optical fibre. Each RRU has separate transmit and receive optical signal wavelengths, that feed into a CWDM coupler. From the coupler the output optical wavelengths are fed by a single optical fibre to the Exchange. Monitoring points are provided for both the main Tx and Rx optical wavelengths. This is achieved by having a 2 x 2 – 90/10% splitter in the main incoming/outgoing single optical fibres. Here 90% of the optical signal goes direct to line whilst 10% of the optical signal goes to the monitoring port. This applies to both Tx and Rx optical signal streams. The 1RU CWDM subrack is housed in the Equipment Room at a Radio Site, or in an Exchange Rack.

  • Subrack houses a 3 channel (Sector) CWDM optical coupler module
  • MBR for optical fibres maintained at 30mm. Guiding clips are located in the subrack
  • Features a flat patch panel, with 9 x A/SC through connectors, which are supplied
  • For both line Tx and Rx optical wavelengths, 10% of each of the wavelengths is monitored, using a 2 x 2 – 90/10% splitter
  • 9 x A/SC through adaptors have a ceramic, zirconia sleeve
  • A 70mm wide tray is located at the front of the subrack, for guiding connecting patch cords
  • Subrack only opens 100mm. Securing catches are provided
  • Subrack may be front, middle or rear mounted in a 19” Rack
  • A kit of accessories is provided

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