WBT is a company of Quality, with our deep culture of quality stemming from the company’s origins of Precision Tool manufacturing some 99 years ago. We recognise the need for precision in manufacturing optic fibre associated products and our ISO 9001 certification and our preferred supplier status with Telco’s throughout the world is clear evidence of this commitment.

WBT owns and operates its manufacturing facilities in Melbourne (Australia) and the Philippines where millions of dollars have been invested in modernising these facilities to ensure that they are state of the art. This also gives us full control of the manufacturing and inspection procedures, which ensures optimum quality.

Warren & Brown Technologies has capabilities and extensive expertise in product design, manufacturing and large scale project deployment.

For example:

  • We own and operate our own sheet metal, powder coating and product assembly plants, which utilise leading technology, modern machinery and large facilities
  • Full product design and innovation using the latest design software with capabilities in 3D printing for prototyping and small scale production
  • Industry-leading telecommunications product development in FTTN, VDSL, MPO connectivity, hybrid cable and connectors for mobile networks as well as solutions for structured cabling systems
  • Fibre optic termination facility which includes high quality “A” grade connectors
  • Plastics extrusion machine and facility

Warren & Brown Technologies manufacture a wide range of products and solutions at our world class facilities.

We have full control of the design and manufacturing process. WBT products and solutions are manufactured in our own facilities, not by OEM’s.

As well as being manufactured in Australia, we also own and operate our own large scale facility in the Philippines which services the SE Asian and other global markets.

By manufacturing these products at our own facility, we are able to deliver products to our customers many weeks before our competitors have even started.

Some of the products we manufacture in-house include, but not limited to:

  • Optical Distribution Frames (ODFs) – From the sheet metal and powder coating process, right through to the final assembly and inspection.
  • Fibre optic subracks and patch panels – From the sheet metal and powder coating process, right through to the final assembly and inspection, including the delicate fibre optic components.
  • Custom racks, enclosures and bespoke solutions
  • Fibre optic cable assemblies and patch cords, including high-quality patch cords with “A” grade connectors
  • Fibre optic ducting raceway – extrusion, slotting and packaging of components
  • Copper cross-connect pillars – full assembly and preparation
  • Hybrid fibre optic and power cable assemblies and enclosures for mobile networks – the fast turnaround for custom cable lengths and fast delivery to site