Ducting Raceway Resources

Selecting the Ducting Raceway size

WBT YellowDuct ducting raceway is available in seven sizes. It is most important to select a size that allows for expansion and future additions to the ducting system.

The capacities listed below are recommended to ensure no damage will occur to the cords due to crushing. This is not the number of optical fibre cords that the ducting-raceway will accommodate if completely filled.


Ducting Raceway Mounting

WBT YellowDuct ducting raceway can be mounted from walls, ladder rack, unistrut, on raised floor support brackets, on floors, or to the top of equipment racks or frames.


Orange Ducting is recommended for highlighting the redundant fibre network.


Black Ducting is recommended for use with UTP 10 Gigabit copper.


Cable Entry and Exits

Select the appropriate dropper or outlet method:


Draw a Plan

Draw plan view of room/area where ducting~raceway is required. Include cabinet sizes and positions as well as ladder racks, cable trays or Air conditioning ducts. Denote duct size required in each area. Mark ducting~raceway support bracket locations. The recommended spacing for mounting brackets is 900mm or 1.2m maximum.

For copper systems use 600mm spacing. Brackets should be mounted close to the joiners if possible. Draw a side view of all areas where the ducting~raceway changes level or the mounting system needs to change.


Ducting Joiner Options

The YellowDuct ducting raceway system has 2 option methods for joining the components together, slotted joiners or slotless joiners.

Slotted Joiners require the ducting components to have slots on the ends so that it can be properly joined by clicking into place. A slotting tool will be required.

Slotless joiners require no additional tooling or for slots to be made on the side of the duct. They only require a screwdriver for installation to tighten the joiner into place.


Optical Fibre Ducting Raceway