The HypaConnect Integrated Cabling Solution

The HypaConnect Integrated Cabling Solution (ICS) from Warren & Brown Technologies combines the latest products and solutions from our optical fibre and copper structured cabling portfolios into a single solution offering, backed up by an optional 25 year certified site warranty. Every ICS is designed and tested against the latest version of the ISO/IEC 11801 standard. Combined with our comprehensive HypaConnect certification program, based on best practice, the result is world class performance and reliability.

In addition, the ICS is also backed up by a network of designers, consultants and integrators. All the products contained in this catalogue are suitable for a variety of networks, including but not limited to: voice and data, building automation, security and audio/visual.

Therefore, if you require an end-to-end certified structured cabling solution, insist on Hypaconnect.

The WBT ICS supports multiple applications over a single cabling infrastructure. This allows for a simplified network design, using common items and a standard cabling topology.

This innovative approach, simplifies network deployment and operations and reduces costs associated with installing and maintaining multiple cabling networks.

The HypaConnect HY series ICS has been tested and designed to support many ICT applications, as well as PoE and PoE+.


The highest quality products delivering a performance leading system

HypaConnect ICS products represent the ultimate in high performance component engineering and systems design. In developing the HypaConnect ICS, the technology team set out to create the best performing solution for the delivery of diverse organizational network technologies across a single ubiquitous platform. The HypaConnect ICS represents years of research, testing and development.

The HypaConnect ICS component level specifications exceed the requirements of all global and locally recognized standards, including ISO/IEC, TIA and of course AS/NZS. The HypaConnect ICS combines the highest level of component specifications installed by WBT’s highly trained and skilled network of ICS Certified Integrators.

Supported by our 25 year component and optional certified site warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing that your network will perform well into the future.

Products included in Warren and Brown HypaConnect ICS

The HypaConnect product range includes many optical fibre and copper cabling products that all form part of our certified solution.

Included in the optical fibre product range:

  • ODF & Patch Panels
  • Optical Fibre Patch Cords
  • Optical Fibre LAN Cables
  • MTP Patch Panels
  • MTP Cassettes
  • MTP Trunk Cables
  • MTP Fanouts

Included in the HY series copper cabling range:

  • RJ45 Modular Jacks
  • RJ45 Couplers & Connectors
  • Patch Panels
  • Data Outlets
  • Floor Distributors
  • Patch Cords
  • LAN Cables
  • Cable Management
  • Tools & Accessories

The Warren & Brown HypaConnect ICS Warranty

The WBT HypaConnect ICS provides performance defined by the relevant cabling standards at the time of the design. For example, if the system is made up of category 6A cables and connectors, is designed and tested against the latest version of the ISO/IEC 11801, at the completion of the project, the system is guaranteed to deliver performance to this standard for the life of the warranty.

Features of the ICS Warranty:

  • Covers both copper and fibre infrastructures
  • Includes the replacement cost of ICS components and labour in the event of a valid warranty claim
  • Is designed, installed and tested by WBT ICS Certified Integrators, who have successfully completed the ICS Training program — everybody else has certified installers, we have certified integrators – the whole idea here is that they are able to integrate the myriad of networks onto the ICS… under the program it is true that we have job roles for installers, designers and test technicians, but collectively it’s an integrator program
  • Is comprised entirely of WBT ICS products, which are factory backed by the manufacturer

Conditions for the 25 years ICS Warranty:

  • The entire link must contain WBT and Telegärtner system components only
  • The components must be installed professionally by a WBT approved ICS installer
  • The installed link must pass the field test according to the relevant standards (test equipment is specified to make it even more convenient)
  • Channel Warranty must also include WBT patchcords at time of installation
  • The installed links must not be modified or reinstalled during the warranty period
  • External impacts are not covered by the warranty

Integrated Communications Solution (ICS) – What the Warranty Covers in a network

  • Standard Warranty for Permanent Link and Channel Link
  • Tested and certified permanent link is the backbone and foundation of a high quality network

Warren and Brown ICS Support & Training

Global coverage and Local Support

The WBT ICS management program means that national and global standards can be benchmarked to the same quality assurance. WBT have partnered with the leading design and installation companies through the ICS Certified Installer program. This means the program is based upon the latest standards, technologies and best practices in design, installation and testing, which ensures that every ICS Warranted site is comprehensively and professionally delivered.

Only Warren and Brown ICS Certified Installer partners:

  • Provide a Warren and Brown ICS 25 Year Warranty
  • Have ICS trained staff to design, install and test every warranted site
  • Use the Warren and Brown tools and equipment to install every outlet of a warranted site
  • Regularly attend training, to ensure that they are working with the latest information, standards, technology and practices
  • Have access to our local, national and global ICS technical support

Warren and Brown’s training program covers all of the latest skills, knowledge and practices required to deliver a 25 year warranted project. The program is split into two separate design and installation courses.

ICS Designer – 2 day Course includes

  • Introduction to ICS
  • Standards
  • ICS subsystems
  • Pathways and Spaces
  • Administration
  • Earthing and Bonding
  • Applications
  • ICS Design process
  • ICS Warranty
  • Design Exercises
  • Theory Exam

ICS Installer – 2 day Course includes

  • Introduction to ICS
  • Standards
  • ICS subsystems
  • Pathways and Spaces
  • Administration
  • Earthing and Bonding
  • Applications
  • ICS Installation and Testing
  • ICS Warranty
  • Installation and Testing Exercises
  • Theory Exam

An alternative ICS certification pathway is available which takes into consideration prior experience, qualifications and skills. This allows the integrator to access a shorter training module.

Warren and Brown will review each application on a case by case basis and determine whether each applicant is suitable for the abbreviated training module. As a guideline, WBT will generally acknowledge a Certificate III in Telecommunications, extensive experience and success in previous cabling projects and at least 2 other vendor endorsements.

This will enable the applicant to access a half day hands on training program which will focus on the practical requirements and specifics of designing, installing and testing WBT optical fibre and copper cabling components.