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In a dynamic world of technological change, it is critical that organisations and their people can embrace and work through the inevitable changes that make up this high churn landscape. More important than ever before is the need for digital infrastructures to be robust and dynamic. Designing, installing and maintaining a digital infrastructure that can support several generations of technology change is challenging but absolutely essential.

The HypaConnect system is a comprehensive Integrated Cabling System (ICS) designed and engineered to meet the needs of today’s digital infrastructures. Warren and Brown Technologies recognize that without skilled professionals, an ICS is little more than a collection of products. In fact, human error is responsible for the vast majority of digital infrastructure faults.

The HypaConnect training and certification program combines all of the essential attitude, knowledge and skills needed by 21st century digital infrastructure professionals. The courses reference the very latest in standards and technology with a focus on best practice outcomes. HypaConnect courses have been designed to maximize participant interaction through innovative practical and theory sessions.

The HypaConnect curriculum is revolutionary. The subject matter covered includes not only conventional structured cabling but incorporates everything from the building envelope through to the end user. Topics covered include cable pathways and spaces, design and installation best practices, detailed copper and fibre testing and certification, integration of diverse systems such as POE and security, and designing for future technologies.

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At WBT, we believe in equipping professionals like you with the knowledge and skills that set you apart in the industry. That's why we are excited to offer our HypaConnect training course COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE! Gain a competitive edge as you delve into the realm of cutting-edge technology trends and applications.


Upon successful completion of our training course, both you and your organisation will receive a prestigious certification. This certification empowers you to design and/or install a WBT-certified fibre and copper solution, all while extending a remarkable 25-year warranty to your valued customers.


Course Details



NSW – May 2nd and 3rd

QLD – June 11th and 12th

ACT – July 2nd and 3rd  


Your Expert Host: Chris Molloy Meet your esteemed host, Chris Molloy - an industry veteran with over three decades of telecom experience. Chris has collaborated with some of the industry's giants and boasts the title of RCDD and DCS Master Instructor (Registered Communications Distribution Designer, Information Technology Systems). With 20 years of training experience both in Australia and internationally, Chris is dedicated to elevating your knowledge and skills.


Course Highlights:

  • Explore the latest industry trends, standards, and best practices.
  • Gain insights into cable pathways and spaces.
  • Master design and installation best practices for data centres, industrial and commercial buildings.
  • Stay current with the latest copper and fibre products and technologies.
  • Navigate detailed copper and fibre testing and certification.
  • Learn the integration of diverse systems, including POE and security.
  • Get hands-on with designing for future technologies.
  • Dive deep into high-density fibre infrastructure and MTP/MPO fibre optics.


After registration, you will receive a confirmation email and webinar link to participate in the webinar. The webinar can be accessed through any browser or zoom app using any device.

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