HypaFOX Z-Slim series

The HypaFOX Z-Slim series is a leading edge scalable, pre-terminated cabling system with MTP/MPO-LC connectors and is widely used in Data Centres and Telecom networks.

It is a modular solution designed to increase port density, improve connector access, and efficiently utilize valuable rack space in data centres. This cabling system has a maximum capacity of twelve 12F cassettes or sixteen 8F cassettes installable (per 1RU), that allows multiple fibre connections to be quickly and efficiently installed and maintained, while supporting regular moves, adds, changes. Integrated fibre management secures trunk cables, separate patch cords, and maintain a safe bend radius during fibre routing.

The HypaFOX

The HypaFOX solution includes various cables, connectors and connectivity options, which are standards compliant. Furthermore, the solution has been designed to support various Polarity options as defined by TIA/EIA 568 standards, as well as providing easy configuration and upgrade options. The solution is fully scalable and is able to be configured to support standard density, high density and ultra high density (144LC fibres in 1RU) applications.

Furthermore, with local technical and network design support, stock availability, as well as fast production and delivery times, WBT provide a level of service that allows you to deploy your network on time, on budget and without headaches.

End To End MTP Cabling Solution

Optical fibre transmission systems are becoming more widely used and accepted throughout Data Centre environments, with many systems now supporting 10G links and with migration paths to 40G and 100G also being available.

High speed optical fibre networks in Data Centre environments often utilise MTP®/MPO and LC duplex connectivity throughout the network. MTP®/MPO connectivity solutions support parallel optical communications, which enables data to be simultaneously transmitted and received over multiple optical fibres. Due to its small form factor, MTP®/MPO connectors and micro cable have already provided a space saving solution. However, greater space savings, ease of use and efficiency gains can now be realised with WBT’s high density solution.

The latest innovation from WBT, provides up to 144F LC fibres in 1RU of rack space. In addition, many cable management features have been included in the solution, ensuring supreme reliability and ease of use.

Maintains patch cord MBR’s and safely routes patch cords through a dedicated cable management area.

Quick release locking clips for easy installation and removal of cassettes. Fits within existing rack systems by utilising standard design and mounting bracket options to suit 19” or 21” mounting rails.

Utilises reduced diameter LC duplex patch cords with pull tabs, which reduces disturbance in patching fields when connecting/disconnecting services.


MTP Fibre Product Range