IntelliFOX - Intelligent Fibre Optic Infrastructure


The WBT IntelliFOX infrastructure solution is a world leading product range, that provides network operators with unrivalled flexibility and deployment options.For Data centre and telecom network operators, the IntelliFOX solution provides technical, commercial and operational efficiencies, allowing them to build and operate a world class network.

The key advantages which elevate the IntelliFOX solution include the following:

  • Scalability: Future proofing networks and providing the ability to easily scale and increase density as required.
  • High density: Leading density of up to 144F LC per RU across various product sets, with up to 5,184LC fibre per ODF in only 1200mm wide x 300mm deep footprint.
  • Usability: Rapid deployment with fast plug and play infrastructure options and simplified installation practices for managing cross connects and new links.
  • Resilience: The use of quality components to provide leading mechanical and optical performance.
  • End to end infrastructure: Complete system of ODF hardware, termination panels, pre-terminated modules, trunk cabling and patchleads.
  • Customer support: Full suite of installation and operational documentation to streamline every deployment.


IntelliFOX Optical Fibre Infrastructure solution overview

WBT fibre optic infrastructure solutions have elevated cable management to the next level. These scalable, high density solutions can be deployed separately or as an end to end solution in a Data Centre or Telecommunications network.

Application options and solution include:

  • Interconnect / Meet Me Room (IR/MMR) and carrier ODF/FTP solution for splicing onto LC, LC/A or MTP
  • Interconnect / Meet Me Room (IR/MMR) and carrier ODF/FTP solution for pre-terminated LC, LC/A or MTP
  • Data Hall Zone frame/cross-connect ODF/FTP solution for preterm MTP/MPO-LC distribution or cross connects
  • Customer or Equipment rack deployment with MTP-LC chassis and cassettes
  • MTP/MPO pre-terminated trunk cabling from 12-144F
  • Patchleads and accessories


The IntelliFOX solution offers exceptional performance in terms of space efficiency, adaptability, and ease of use, serving various industries like Data Centres, Hyperscale Data Centres, Telecom Carriers, Dark Fibre Networks, and Submarine Fibre Networks.

Solution Building Blocks

Optical Distribution Frames & Optical Cross Connect Frames

Warren & Brown Technologies (WBT) IntelliFOX optical distribution frames (ODF’s) play a crucial role in the management and distribution of fibre optic cables in a network. It provides a centralized location for terminating, splicing, and managing delicate optical fibre cables, ensuring that the network is well-organized, secure, and easily maintainable.

WBT IntelliFOX ODF’s can be configured to operate as a splicing/patching frame or pre-terminated MTP-LC cross connect frame in a Data centre interconnect room. Furthermore, they can also be configured as a Data Centre zone frame, or simply as a patch only cross connect frame. One of the main benefits of the WBT IntelliFOX ODF, is it’s front single sided access capability, allowing it to be placed against walls, back to back (1200 x 600mm), or at the end of aisles, requiring minimal floor space. These are leading edge and proven advanced solutions, with similar variations of the footprints currently being deployed with major telecommunication carriers.

Fibre Termination Panels (FTPs) - 7106 series

Fibre Termination Panels (FTPs) - TC7010 series or IntelliFOX Blade

Find out how the WBT team can tailor the perfect solution for your Data Centre or Telecommunications network. Download our latest Optical Fibre Infrastructure High Density Solutions catalogue below.


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