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The HypaFi high density Wi-Fi solution takes network performance, operations and management to the next level. The Warren & Brown HypaFi solution provides multi-antenna Wi-Fi Access Points (AP’s) to support medium to high-density applications by providing more bandwidth, greater coverage area and allowing more users to connect to every AP.

This approach significantly reduces cabling infrastructure, installation and network operational costs, whilst still providing unparalleled Wi-Fi network performance.

The HypaFi high-density Wi-Fi solution can be deployed to integrate with the venues current marketing, operations and digital management platforms. The Warren & Brown Technologies team can work with your current technology partners to integrate the high-density Wi-Fi solution into your network. Furthermore, the HypaFi solution is also available as an end to end solution, where the network is designed, installed and operated with optional value-added and digital marketing services provided and managed by WBT directly or its technology partners. Either way, the flexibility offered by the HypaFi solution, allows you to determine what the best fit is for your network.

The technology that enables greatness

The HypaFi / iQCOMM high-density Wi-Fi solution incorporates the best in Wi-Fi AP technology to provide extreme range, reliability and bandwidth.

For example, just one high-end 8-radio device delivers 160,000 M2 coverage to 2,000 active mobile devices and 10 Gb/s total wireless throughput (Specifications.)

Patent high-end Multi-Polar Beam-forming Antenna Array technology reads the signal in multiple “dimensions” with thousands of possible patterns in some units. This provides far greater range, sensitivity and stability in high capacity units.

True Wireless mesh – Every iQCOMM AP has powerful processing capabilities which also allow for complex custom routing of wireless data between devices. Benefits of wireless mesh technology – Provides redundancy between devices -Enables automatic load sharing – Reduces maintenance costs and time

SMART Control Software – iQCOMM products are compatible with most standard Control Software programs. iQCOMM control software contains additional features not currently available in third party products including Machine to Person and Machine to Machine Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities.

Proven performance in real world operating conditions. Over 15.3Mb/s Download and 26.7Mb/s Upload delivered to a mobile device over Wi-Fi at 174 metres, where normal Wi-Fi drops out at 60 metres.

Secure Wi-Fi and extreme performance originally developed for the US Military.

Deliver immersive fan experiences at live events with high definition video streaming and other interactive services, and realise revenue generating opportunities with Wi-Fi advertising.

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