SC/A optical fibre singlemode pigtail, 0.9mm, 1 fibre, 1.5m (pack of 12)

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These 12 x singlemode optical fibre pigtails, 1.5m long with A/SC connectors, is supplied with 0.9mm diameter optical fibre cord.

These 12 x SMOF pigtails, 1.5m long with A/SC connectors, is supplied with 0.9mm diameter optical fibre cord, each a different colour. The cords colours are Telco Industry standard, and range from Blue to Aqua. For optical fibres 1 to 12 the Telco Industry Standard Colour Code is: Blue, Orange, Green, Brown, Slate, White, Red, Black, Yellow, Voilet, Rose and Aqua. The SMOF meets G652D specification, with no water peak in the wavelength profile graph. Each optical fibre cord has the following features: different colours; 9μm core dia; 125μm cladding dia; and a 900μm tight buffered outer sheath. The cord has physical properties of minimal tensile strength; and MBR of 30mm; ability to withstand a small crushing load; and the ability to withstand a small impact load.

This cord in intended for use in subracks or panels, to avoid congestion, where space is at a premium.

Be very careful NOT to subject the 0.9mm dia cord to high values of tension, or it may become damaged, or suffer a failure.

Each connector is individually recognizable e.g. coloured green and has a shroud/boot fitted between the connector and the cord. The included end angle of the A/SC connectors ferrule is 8° when measured between a central vertical line and the end of the connectors ferrule end face. The connector is manufactured to recognized and approved industry standards, and will achieve a 20 year service lifetime, under typical operational conditions.
The connector is fitted with a high quality ceramic e.g. zirconia ferrule. Each connector assembly is capable of a reasonable number (e.g. 500 cycles) of matings/unmatings, and of withstanding normal (not excessive) operational handling forces/loads without suffering any damage or significant increase in optical performance. The complete assembly is capable of reliable operation in Exchanges or Repeaters over the temperature range of -20° to + 70°C and up to high levels of RH.

  • All dielectric construction
  • Has 900μm tight buffered fibre
  • Each 900μm cord has a distinct colour, that specifies its number from 1 to 12 (The Telco Industry Standard)
  • Used in optical fibre termination panels (or subracks)
  • Fitted with quality A/SC connectors, with ceramic, zirconia ferrule
  • Minimum lifetime of 20 years
  • Purchase as a unit
Dimensions 225mm (W) x 30mm (H) x 160mm (D)(Carton)
Weight 74g(12 x cords) –140g (Carton)
Materials Various
Colour Various (12 x colours to Telco Industry Standard)

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