Singlemode attenuator 10db E2000/A +20dbm power

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Typically installed close to the Transmitting system (Tx), not the receive (Rx) system. Attenuators made from doped fibre are used in-line, in an optical transmission system to reduce the signal strength to safe and acceptable levels. This signal attenuation prevents unplanned outages due to equipment failure. These items are used in systems such as: Telecommunication Networks, CATV Networks, Data Communications Networks, Instrumentation and Local Area Networks. The Attenuator is manufactured to recognised and approved industry standards, and will achieve a 20 year service lifetime, under typical operational conditions. Each attenuator assembly is capable of a reasonable number (eg 500) of matings/unmatings, and for withstanding normal (not excessive) operational handling forces/loads without suffering any damage or significant increase in optical performance. The complete assembly is capable of reliable operation in Exchanges or Repeaters over the temperature range of –40° to + 80°, and up to high levels of RH. The attenuator can be safely stored, in suitable accommodation, over the temperature range of –50° to + 85°.

  • Fixed attenuation values 
  • Accurate attenuation values between1260 to 1360nm and 1480 to 1580nm wavelengths 
  • Return loss: UPC >50 dB 
  • Optical performance 100% factory tested 
  • Climatic range: - 40° to + 80°, and 5% to 95% humidity, non condensing 
  • Various connectors and finishes available 
  • Compact design fits in existing connections or patch panels 
  • Convenience and ease of handling 
  • Protective caps provided 
  • Rating > + 20 dBm


10mm (W) x 14/23mm (H)(O/A Body/Flange) x 40/75mm (D) (O/A Body/Dust Caps)   


9 grams typical  



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