Sleeve, pressure/water block ACBS-W-40/30

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Pressure/Water Block Sleeve. ACBS-W-40/30, Colour: Black, ACBS-W is an adhesive cable blocking system for blocking air and water. It uses heat-shrink technology and is recommended for use on plastic insulated air core cable ranging between 30 & 40mm dia.


  • Wraparound reinforced heat shrink sleeve, 2 pieces
  • Channels, 2 pieces
  • Adhesive bag, four parts or sections (or more) per bag
  • Wraparound net
  • Channelling pins, 4 pieces or more
  • Aluminium cable protection foil
  • Cleaning tissue
  • Abrasive strip
  • Installation instructions
  • Shield continuity wire fitted with clips (Optional)


IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep away from direct sunlight and any other source of heat. Do not store above 45°C.

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