Slimline storage tray, 19 inch rack mount

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This compact 1 RU high, storage tray is designed to efficiently guide and store small size cables, such as optical fibre cords, leaving the rear of rack mounted transmission equipment. The cords/cables are guided to the LHS cable outlet of the rack, where, if required, they can be dropped off to a lower level. The tray is equipped with a series of 22 cable guiding/storage guides that store and guide the leaving cords/cables. The layout of the guides maintains the cords/cables MBR of 30 mm. Provision for reversing the direction of an optical fibre cord on the tray is available. The storage tray mounts into a rack with 465mm (19”) mounting rail centres

  • Compact, storage tray
  • Maintains the MBR at 30mm
  • Each guiding clip can hold typically 30 x Ø3mm cords
  • Allows an optical fibre cord to reverse direction
  • Purchase as a unit

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