Renewable Energy Network Infrastructure

Renewable Energy

Warren & Brown Technologies (WBT) provides a range of products and solutions for the Renewable Energy sector, including solar cable assemblies, custom metal enclosures, solar panel mounting hardware and various accessories. These solutions are suitable for solar, wind and power generation plants.

Warren & Brown also provides custom design and manufacturing services to Renewable Energy network operators and generators, by means of its Australian R&D and manufacturing facilities. We can provide fast design, production and delivery times for any network requirement.

Solar Cable Assemblies and Components

Australian made solar cable assemblies provide quality connectivity and leading reliability in power generation networks. Warren & Brown can provide full design, engineering and manufacturing solutions to meet exact requirements. Additionally, with manufacturing taking place locally in Australia, WBT is able to guarantee quality products and fast delivery.

Solutions include:

  • String cables to connect solar panels 
  • Cable assemblies (breakout cables) 
  • Panel Harnesses with fuses 
  • Interconnect system – solar assembly harnesses 
  • Fuse assemblies 
  • Ultrasonic welds / over moulded solar assemblies 
  • Custom cables (cut to specified length)

Custom Enclosures & Metal Hardware

Warren & Brown can provide custom designed and manufactured enclosures for power and telecommunications networks, including:

  • Custom DIN rail mount enclosures equipped with switches, circuit breakers, optical fibre distribution, etc 
  • Enclosures can be supplied unequipped, fully equipped or pre-wired and pre-configured for fast deployment 
  • String monitoring and string combiner enclosures 
  • Metal mounting hardware for solar panels 
  • Brackets, accessories and other custom made mounting or joining solutions

Telecommunications, Automation and Network Monitoring Solutions

Warren & Brown can provide a full range of telecommunications network infrastructure for Renewable Energy networks, including:

  • Optical fibre termination enclosures, patch leads, cable and connectivity 
  • Ruggedized optical fibre cables and patch leads 
  • Copper ethernet cable and connectors 
  • Automation and instrumentation cable and connectivity

Australian Design and Manufacturing Services

With capabilities in product CAD design, solution development, 3D printing and prototyping, as well as sheet metal manufacturing, powder coating and product assembly, Warren & Brown has a complete end to end offering for managing the entire product development and manufacturing process. Furthermore, with extensive logistics/warehousing facilities and customer support staff, WBT can provide a responsive, flexible and memorable customer experience.

  • Product and solution design 
  • 3D printing and prototyping 
  • Sheetmetal manufacturing and powder coating 
  • Plastic extrustion 
  • Product assembly 
  • Cable assemblies 
  • Quality Assurance 
  • Logistics and warehousing

Your trusted connectivity partner

With Australian based design and manufacturing facilities, as well as a global network of technology partners, network designers, installers and distributors, WBT can be your trusted connectivity infrastructure partner.

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