Experience Wi-Fi Performance Like Never Before

Multi antenna Wi-Fi Access Points (AP’s) support medium to high density applications by providing more bandwidth, greater coverage area and allowing more users to connect to every AP.

This approach significantly reduces cabling infrastructure, installation and network operational costs, whilst still providing unparalleled Wi-Fi network performance.

The HypaFi / iQComm high-density Wi-Fi solution takes network performance, operations and management to the next level. Compared to traditional Wi-Fi, which can be costly to deploy and manage, the HypaFi solution integrates the best of Wi-Fi technology to provide a number of benefits.

Moreover, we have a solution for commercialising public “free” Wi-Fi services.

The Technology that Enables Greatness

The HypaFi / iQCOMM high-density Wi-Fi solution incorporates the best in Wi-Fi AP technology to provide extreme range, reliability and bandwidth.

  • For example, just one high-end 8-radio device delivers – 160,000 M2 coverage to 2,000 active mobile devices and 10 Gb/s total wireless throughout.
  • Patent pending, multi polar, beam forming antenna array technology reads the signal in multiple dimensions, with thousands of possible patterns in some units. This provides far greater range, sensitivity and stability in high-capacity units
  • True wireless mesh – Every iQCOMM AP has powerful processing capabilities, which also allows for complex custom routing of wireless data between devices. Benefits of wireless mesh technology – Provides redundancy between devices – Enables automatic load sharing – Reduces maintenance costs and time
  • SMART Control Software. iQCOMM products are also compatible with most standard control software programs
  • Proven performance in real world operating conditions. Over 15.3Mb/s download and 26.7Mb/s Upload delivered to a mobile device over Wi-Fi at 174 metres, where normnal Wi-Fi drops out at 60 metres
  • Secure Wi-Fi and extreme performance originally developed for the US Military
  • Deliver immersive fan experiences at live events with high-definition video streaming and other interactive services
  • Revenue generating opportunities with Wi-Fi advertising

Stadium Case Study

HypaFi high density Wi-Fi provides exceptional value and reliability, when compared to the deployment costs of traditional Wi-Fi in stadiums or large venue applications.

With the example of a 20,000 seat stadium, the HypaFi Wi-Fi solution generally provides an approximate saving of 1/2 – 1/3 of the alternative cost of traditional Wi-Fi CAPEX.

Approximately, 12-15 iQCOMM AP’s would need to be installed to meet the coverage area requirements, compared to approximately 200+ competitor AP’s. This provides a significant saving on hardware, AP costs, as well as cabling and installation costs.

urthermore, the stadium Wi-Fi network can be developed into a revenue generating network by providing the platform to support various marketing and advertising campaigns, including a branded captive portal, as well as a dedicated stadium mobile app.

Enough on site bandwidth is also available to provide high definition live video and audio streaming direct to every mobile device!



  • Up 70% saving versus current WiFi technologies
  • High Capacity
  • Reliable
  • Minimal infrastructure required
  • Less cabling and AP’s per coverage area
  • Low deployment and ongoing costs
  • Large coverage area per AP
  • More users per AP


  • Large auditoriums currently require numerous Wi-Fi access points to provide coverage and support many simultaneous users.
  • Each small iQCOMM 2-radio device will serve 220 simultaneous users with up to 600 Mb/s throughput and saturate a typical auditorium.

Shopping Centres

  • Shopping Malls and offices are also complex due to the different shapes and building materials used. We recommend testing on each site to deliver optimal performance.
  • Shopping Malls
  • These are an ideal application for iQCOMM devices. The extra range, the higher usable bandwidth and concurrent active users, means fewer devices are needed to provide a better user experience.
  • Active load sharing between Access Points means you will automatically get your bandwidth to users wherever they are – even as crowds move throughout your precinct.


  • iQCOMM has several mining specific products including a fully certified device for “gassy” mines.
  • Redundant infrastructure for above and below ground applications.
  • Point-to-point for long range backhaul.
  • Office, mining camp coverage.
  • Ruggedised IP rated enclosures for harsh environments.

Agricultural / Pastoral

  • New Agri-business technologies constantly improve productivity.
  • Demand for live connectivity between machines and people in the field, and back to base is increasing – however, the tyrannies of distance make this difficult.
  • iQCOMM agri-business and farming products provide low cost, high bandwidth network solution using Wi-Fi and lower bandwidth frequencies.
  • Town Wi-Fi can be deployed to homes and homesteads in a 30 Kilometre radius Line of Sight.
  • Lower frequency solutions can provide up to 50 Kilometre connectivity Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multi-Point and are less sensitive to hills and trees.
  • Homestead to machines can be deployed to a 5 Kilometre radius which is ideal for harvesters on very large tracts of land.

Units & Resorts

Old units and resorts are more complex due to the different shapes and building materials used. We recommend testing on each site to deliver optimal performance.


  • iQCOMM devices provide more than far greater range and deliverable bandwidth.
  • Greater penetration through walls, more active simultaneous user connections and multiple SSIDs make iQCOMM and ideal high power, lower cost option for offices.
  • Security is a premium with iQCOMM APs. They incorporate the latest and best security due to their US military heritage.
  • Full AP Control solutions are available for easy management, maintenance and updates. New generation IoT and IoE inclusions and custom development mean machine-to-machine and machine-to-person integration is cost effective and easy.

Outdoor Events & Public Precincts

  • Parks and pop-up events with thousands of people are ideal applications for iQCOMM technologies.
  • Each device supports more active users over larger distances and delivers higher bandwidth (subject to backhaul).
  • This means fewer devices are needed, bump-in and bump-out for temporary installations are simple and quick, and the user’s experience is more reliable.
  • Devices are low latency and support other applications such as broadcast video to the consumer for multi-stage events.

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