Straight duct, slotted, 100mm x 50mm x 2m (with hinged cover)

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This 100 x 50-mm duct is similar to standard duct except that it is slotted to allow optical fibre cord feed off at any point, and external viewing of the “ducts” contents. Slots are spaced at 2RU (i.e. 88.9mm) centres. The 100 x 50-mm duct carries up to 560 pigtails or patch cords (Ø2mm dia) to a depth of 30mm, without excess stress on them, during removal. The duct comes complete with a full-length extruded lid (Part No: TC1279-24), attached using hinges (Part No: TC1279- 43KIT). The duct is made of tough plastic with a non-halogen fire retardant. It connects to other 100 x 50mm duct sections and various bends, adaptors etc., using the 100 x 50mm joiner (Part No: TC1279-226); which is available separately.

  • Clips straight into joiner 
  • Includes lid (Part No: TC1279-24) and hinges (Part No: TC1279-43KIT) 
  • Tough, fire retardant material 
  • Joiners (Part No: TC1279-226); available separately 
  • Purchase by the unit 

WBT ducting raceway items, conform to the following standards and requirements:

  • ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System by BSI
  • Fire retardant plastic, Halogen Free, for 100, 220 and 300mm ducting the rating is UL94V-0, for 30 and 50mm ducting the rating is UL94V-1
  • UL2024A standard
  • EEU - ROHS requirements
  • GR-63 Core Earthquake test compliance

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