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The Detectable Marker Tape is ploughed into the ground simultaneously with a non metallic optical fibre cable, from a dedicated ploughing tractor. The tape is installed to a depth of 900mm typically, whilst the cable is installed to a depth of 1.2 metres or greater. The detectable marker tape contains a continuous length 0.7mm dia stainless steel tracer wire that has 50% free exposure along its length for ground contact. This enables the wire to be quickly and easily traced using standard metallic (Inductive Mode) cable locating instruments. This means no physical electrical connection needs to be made to the SS wire for easy, quick and accurate tracing. Once the SS wire is traced along its length, the accurate route of the non metallic optical fibre cable is therefore known. This provides accurate relocation advice for other authorities or ensures a minimum size hole is dug to repair a faulty cable. The plastic tape is made of LLDPE, with a UV stabiliser system, to ensure a long tape storage life outdoors if necessary. The white tape conforms to approved Telecommunication industry standards regarding stretchability, both along and across the tape. The tape contains a printed warning message, repeated at regular intervals, in black capitals “Telstra - Optical Fibre Cable Below” or similar approved message. The detectable marker tape may be used with buried transponder pegs, available separately. The tape is supplied on disposable plastic or wooden drum in a 2km continuous length. The tape is 50mm wide.

  • A 2km drum of detectable marker tape, with highly stretchable, white plastic tape
  • White plastic tape LLDPE with a UV stabilizer system
  • Contains a continuous 0.7mm dia 316 stainless steel wire with more than 50% exposure, for ground contact
  • Typically buried to 900mm depth, Suitable for use in any Australian soil
  • Required lifetime 25 year minimum service life, but preferably typically 40 years
  • Has a red colour inner end or similar for last 200 metres of tape
  • Able to be reliably traced using standard instruments in Inductive Mode
  • Purchase as a drum

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