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This PVC, white cover is used on an Untailed Terminal Box (UTTB). The UTTB is mounted outdoors on poles. It is used as a joint enclosure for aerial telephone cable distribution. A chain is provided to secure the cover to the pole when it is removed from the UTTB. It allows access for fault finding and/or line testing. The cover is made of PVC with a UV inhibitor, to ensure a long service life outdoors. The box provides a secure, weatherproof housing, for the jointed aerial, telephone cables.

  • Provides a weatherproof, accessible housing, for aerial telephone cables 
  • Mounted outdoors on poles 
  • The cover is easily removable, for easy access into the UTTB 
  • Provides a weatherproof enclosure for conductor connectors 
  • Allows for line testing 
  • Purchase as a unit

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