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The through connector (or adaptor) is mounted in a patch panel, of an optical fibre termination unit, or OFDF, and allows a pigtail to be connected to a patch cord. The pigtail is usually fusion spliced to an optical fibre of an external cable; and the patch cord connects to transmission equipment. A through connector allows the optical transmission system connection to be quickly made and broken, as required. This enables fault finding and maintenance activities (such as service restorations & re-arrangements) to be undertaken quickly and efficiently. Two way (Duplex) connectors/adaptors are described for a very small (eg mini) size LC connector. The adaptor unit comprises a plastic body, and inner part with a precision alignment mechanism; which is made to demanding specifications. The alignment sleeve and precision body ensures: reliable, long term, mechanical and optical performance for the through adaptor.

  • All dielectric construction 
  • Features very small (ie mini size) LC connectors 
  • Used for optical fibre circuit connection 
  • Comes with dust covers 
  • Dual LC through adapter; same size as SC through adapter 
  • Provides a circuit break point for: fault finding, service restoration or maintenance activities 
  • LC Duplex Through Connector/Adaptor featured which is the same size as a standard SC through adaptor 
  • Compatible with all LC connectors; compliant with EIA/TIA 604 
  • Minimum lifetime of 20 years 
  • Purchase as a unit


21mm (W) x 10mm (H) x 34mm (D) 


4 g 


Blue or beige 



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