Tight buffered distribution/riser cable, 12F, OM3, Aqua

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These tight buffered riser, internal/external distribution cables are constructed of 900μm buffered fibres surrounded by aramid yarn or e-glass strength members jacketed in an LSZH outer jacket.

  • Internal cable for installation in trunking, underfloor or ceiling spaces
  • Short-run external links between buildings
  • Fibre backbones in riser and horizontal configurations
  • Pre-terminated cable assemblies


  • Singlemode G657A2 - 6, 12, 24 fibres
  • Multimode OM3 or OM4 - 6, 12, 24 fibres
  • Colour coded fibres
  • High strength aramid yarn strength member
  • Easy to strip
  • LSZH jacket
  • Cut to length
WBT Part Number Cable type Fibre breakout Sheath colour Fibre Fibre type No. of fibres
112x301 Tight buffered distribution/riser cable 900 micron Yellow Singlemode G657A2 6
112x224 Yellow Singlemode G657A2 12
112x302 Yellow Singlemode G657A2 24
112x300 Aqua Multimode OM4 6
112x171 Aqua Multimode OM4 12
112x172 Aqua Multimode OM4 24
112x214 Violet Multimode OM4 12
112x215 Violet Multimode OM4 24
112x133 Aqua Multimode OM3 6
112x233 Aqua Multimode OM3 12
112x131 Aqua Multimode OM3 24

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