Tool, crimp hand adjustable machine pin, DSUB connectors

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Hand operated crimping tool, for machined pin D-Sub miniature connectors. Has a ratchet system to ensure crimping operation is completed, before handle released. Used for conductors in the range 0.40mm to 0.64mm diameter. Used for all machined pin D-Sub connectors. For correct operation the tool is to be used with a locator (Part No: 35300373). The crimping tool needs regular calibration using Part No: 35300531. A cable stripping tool (Part No: 35300530) is used for cable stripping, prior to crimping. An insertion/extraction tool (Part No: 35300261) is to be used for placing individual pins into and out from the connector insulator. These items are available separately.

  • Provides a quick and effective means of crimping machined D-Sub miniature connectors
  • Hand operated tool, with ratchet system to ensure crimping operation is completed
  • Operation quickly completed
  • Needs regular calibration
  • To be used with other tools in the set

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