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The two drawer OFDM is the means by which splicing and patching modules are assembled in a Type 92 (or 84) rack.  This module fits a 19 inch rack, is 6 rack units high and contains two sliding drawers. Each drawer is designed to accept either splice or patch drawer equipment.  This enables the unit to house up to 120 or 144 spliced fibres with two 5 tray or 6 tray assemblies (Part No’s: TC248S or TC248S-72A); available separately. It can also be used with patch drawer equipment to provide a splice and patch module or be used as a designated patch module.  It has a removable, clear protective cover, which clips into place.  A range of standard patch panel assemblies also fit directly to the drawer. Standard is a 36 position A/SC patch panel (Part No: TC248P); available separately. 


  • Sliding drawer for ease of access 
  • Maintains fibre bending radii at module entry & exit 
  • Accepts splicing ( 120 or 144 fibres, max.) or patching equipment of up to 2 x 36 = 72 fibres 
  • Splice & patch drawer equipment available separately 
  • Purchase as a unit 

480mm (W) x 232mm (H) x255mm (D)

Weight 10 kg
Materials Mild Steel
Colour White Birch

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