Optical Fibre Infrastructure

High-Density Solutions

Optical Fibre Infrastructure
High-Density Solutions


WBT fibre optic infrastructure solutions have elevated cable management to the next level. These high-density solutions can be deployed separately or as an end-to-end solution in a Data Centre or Telecommunication network.

Application includes:

  • Meet Me Room and carrier ODF/FTP solution for splicing
  • Data Hall Zone frame/cross-connect ODF/FTP solution for preterm MTP/MPO distribution
  • Customer or Equipment rack deployment

The end to end solution also provides scalability at RU level, with 96F and 144F LC or LC/A deployments.

Can be deployed as an end to end network solution in any Data Centre or Telecommunications network and is compatible with stranded or ultra high density rollable ribbon cable types (864F, 1728F, 3456F, 6912F).

Ultra high density Fibre Termination Panels (FTP’s) or other associated infrastructure can also be successfully deployed as standalone solutions.

Industry-leading innovation for density and usability:

96 Fibres

per RU modules
(splice &/or patch)


in 300mm deep,
single side ODF*

144 Fibres

per RU modules
(splice &/or patch)

5,472+ F

in 300mm deep,
single side ODF*

432 Fibres

per RU modules
(splice &/or patch)

15,000+ F

in 300mm deep,
single side ODF*

*ODFs can be placed back to back


Deployment example using rollable ribbon cable - 144 Fibre LC or LC/A per RU or 432 Fibre (MTP/MPO) per RU

144 Fibre LC or LC/A per RU:

Solution includes:

  • WBT ODF’s
  • Splicing: 7106 series FTP’s (up to 144F LC or LC/A per RU)
  • Distribution and preterm patching: ODF deployment of TC7010 series MTP-LC front access cassettes and chassis (12 x 12F micro cassettes = 144F per RU)
  • Customer rack deployment of HypaFOX MTP-LC cassettes and chassis

If terminating on LC connectors and using a WBT 1RU 7106 series 144 fibre FTP, each 1728F cable can be divided into 12 x 144 fibre subunits and routed to each of the 12 x 1RU FTP’s. Within the FTP’s the 144F is then broken out into 4 x 36F groups for each tray.

432 Fibre (MTP/MPO) per RU:

Furthermore, if terminating on MTP/MPO connectors and using a WBT 1RU 7106 series 432 fibre FTP, each 1728F cable can be divided into 4 x 432 fibre sub-units and routed to 4 x 432F 1RU MTP/MPO FTP’s.

In order to provide cable/tube slack for removal and maintenance of optical fibre trays, each tube can also be routed down the RHS of the ODF and looped back into the 1RU FTP’s.

Deployment example:

ODF and Data Centre distribution cabling – using 7106 series, TC7010 series and HypaFOX

This example utilises the top RHS of the ODF for line cable entry (1,728 fibre rollable ribbon cable). This cable can be divided into 12 x 144 fibre tubes and routed into the 1RU 7106 series FTP’s. TC7010 series and micro MTP-LC cassettes are used for distribution to equipment racks. HypaFOX MTP/MPO chassis and cassettes used for top of rack fibre management.


Solution building blocks

Optical Distribution Frames (ODFs)

The 313 series ODF is a leading edge solution, which can be configured to support a variety of applications, including ultra high density splice/patch of incoming line cable, or as a patching / distribution frame.

This flexible solution can be deployed in a telecom carrier exchange, or in a Data Centre environment (MMR, cross connect frame, zone distribution frame).

One of the main benefits of the WBT ODF single sided access solution, is its ability to be placed against walls, back to back, or at the end of aisles, requiring minimal floor space.

Dimensions: 1,200mm (w) x 300mm (d) x 2,200mm (h)

Fibre Termination Panels for ODF’s and racks

Similar to the HypaFOX 1RU patch panel used in the equipment rack, this patch panel has a narrow depth, which can mount in a 300mm deep ODF. The front access chassis is available in a 1RU or a 2RU flex version, which has a removable base for easy port access.

This solution utilizes the same modular cassette system deployed in equipment racks for uniformity.

Suitable for either singlemode or multimode fibre distribution. Simply select the appropriate MTP®/MPO cassette.

  • For patching / distribution using pre-terminated MTP – LC/A modules
  • Distribution of internal cabling – 96 fibres per RU

MTP/MPO preterm solution for equipment racks

Equipment racks - top of rack infrastructure

To complete the end to end fibre network and access to active equipment, or to simply provide connectivity between active equipment using direct links, the 1RU HypaFOX modular solution is also an excellent solution, providing industry leading usability and density of up to 144LC ports per RU.

Data centre side – Fibre MTP®MPO trays and cassettes

  • High density port count, 4 slot 1RU chassis
  • LC/PC connectivity, 36F MTP®/MPO cassette based solution. Lower density 24F cassettes available
  • Using 4 x 36F MTP®/MPO cassettes, the maximum density per RU is 144 fibres
  • Using 4 x 24F MTP®/MPO cassettes, the maximum density per RU is 96 fibres
  • Other options include MTP®/MPO patching modules – 9 port per cassette, 36 port per RU, or up to 432 fibres per RU

MTP/MPO trunk cabling


Either 12, 24, 36, 48, 72, 96 or 144 fibre MTP®/MPO trunk cables can be routed from the main distribution ODF to the equipment racks.

The MTP®/MPO trunk cable can be pre-terminated on each end, which will cable runs to be pre-measured and cables manufactured to that exact length. As an alternative, the equipment rack end may be preterm MTP®/MPO and the ODF end may be spliced into FTP, instead of HypaFOX cassette.

  • Singlemode G657A2 or Multimode OM3 / OM4
  • Singlemode MTP/A standard or Elite connectors
  • Multimode MTP/A standard or Elite connectors
  • Hauling sock and deployment reel options
  • LSZH outer sheath
  • Made to length
  • Polarity A for singlemode. Polarity A or B for multimode

Patch leads

Every connector assembly supplied by WBT is made using quality parts in a high quality termination facility, according to recognised and approved international standards. The quality and inspection procedures employed, ensure only high quality, individually inspected and approved pigtails and patch cords are supplied. Therefore, customers can have confidence knowing that the product supplied will perform reliably to a high standard in the telecommunications and data networks for many years. Each patch cord is individually inspected and tested at the time of production.

  • Singlemode G657A2, G652D or multimode OM4 fibre options
  • Simplex, duplex as well as multi-fibre patch cord options
  • LSZH sheath
  • Complies with ANSI, Bellcore, TIA / EIA, IEC standards
  • Factory terminated and tested
  • Choice of connector types - LC, LC duplex, SC/UPC, SC/APC, etc
  • Reduced diameter LC duplex uniboot patch cord options
  • Various patch cord lengths
  • Fast delivery and stock availability

Ducting Raceway

Most double sheath cable assemblies will be okay to route on cable trays, however patch leads and single sheath cable should still be routed in a ducting raceway.

Additionally, some network operators may prefer to have all fibre cabling routed in a fibre duct raceway for easier troubleshooting, identification and segregation of cable types.

If considering a fibre ducting raceway, WBT fibre duct complies with the following standards:

  • Fire retardant plastic, Halogen Free, for 100, 220 and 300mm ducting the rating is UL94V-0, for 30 and 50mm ducting the rating is UL94V-1
  • UL2024A standard
  • EEU - ROHS requirements
  • GR-63 Core Earthquake test compliance

The solution options provided by WBT are fully customisable and our design and engineering team can work with you to tailor the perfect solution. Whether it is individual product customisation, or end to end solution development, WBT have the essential building blocks to rapidly develop and help you deploy new infrastructure. In addition, you can also simply take the guess work out of it, and take advantage of proven and pre-existing solutions we currently offer.

Speak to the expert team at Warren & Brown Technologies to discover how we can help you successfully deploy the next generation of ultra high density fibre optic infrastructure for your network. 

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