Under floor mounting bracket

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The Under Floor Mounting Bracket enables ducting components to be quickly fastened and/or simply glued to a clean, dust free, concrete floor. A slot is provided at the top of the bracket for M12 (or other size) threaded rod. The threaded rod supports under floor ducting, or a HDODF installed on a raised floor. The HDODF is secured in 4 places using kit TC4050TMKIT. The bracket can be bolted to a concrete floor using 2 x diagonally placed M10 loxins with M10 x 30mm set screw and flat washers. The HDODF is electrically insulated from the concrete floor, by the plastic feet used. 

  • Simple means of securing under floor duct systems 
  • The bracket is simply bolted or glued to a clean concrete floor 
  • Purchase by the unit 

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