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This kit is used to provide protection for optical fibre cords within an optical fibre termination rack. The 50mm duct is mounted vertically down the side of the rack, using the mounting brackets provided. Patch cords are routed up or down this duct to leave the rack. The flanged end cap is fitted at one end of the 50mm duct so that a 44mm ID/50mm OD flexible, convoluted tube (Part No: TC1279-53) can be fitted for patch cords feeding into the major duct system. The flat end cap is used to provide protection at the other of the 50mm duct.

Note: An outlet radius guide (Outlet Trumpet) (Part No: TC1279-212KIT) is available separately, for fitting to 50mm slotted duct’s outlets. This provides a guaranteed leaving radius for optical fibre cords.

  • Simple base kit to establish fibre ducting inside a rack 
  • Outlet radius guide/s (Part No: TC1279-212KIT); available separately 
  • Includes mounting hardware

Each kit contains:

Description Qty Part No.
50 x 50mm straight slotted duct & lid (2 metres long) 1 off TC1279-81SLXA
50mm end cap 1 off TC1279-127
50mm end cap, with flange for 44mm ID tube 1 off TC1279-127D
50mm duct mounting bracket 4 off TC1279-147A
Straight bracket 4 off TC1279-165

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