Optical Fibre Closures

Optical Fibre Dome Splice Closure and Optical Fibre Inline Splice Closures range are suitable for protecting fibre cable splices in straight through and branching applications, providing easy access for installation and rework. Fibre Optic Closures protect splices and ensure reliability for aerial or direct burial fibre splice enclosure needs.

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  1. WBT P/N: TC2720-804

    Fibre optic dome splice closure
    As low as A$190.85
  2. WBT P/N: TC2720-806

    Fibre optic inline splice closure
    As low as A$151.60
  3. WBT P/N: TC1948-2

    Mounting bracket, UCNP 7/20 closure
  4. WBT P/N: TC1948-3

    Mounting bracket, UCNP 9/30 closure
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Set Up Robust Networks With Optical Fibre Closures From WBT

Optical Fibre Closures for Secure & Sustainable Fibre Optic Cable Splicing

Fibre optic closures (also commonly referred to as fibre optic splicing closures) are a crucial piece of every computer network that uses spliced connections and splicing trays – so virtually every corporate network in Australia. As fibre optic closures are used to provide space and protection for spliced fibre optic cables, it’s imperative that network configurators invest in optical fibre closures that are robust, easy to use, and provide superior durability in the application of not only aerial but direct burial fibre splice enclosures. 

Thankfully, our optical fibre closures here at WBT are designed and developed to connect and store optical fibres safely in both indoor and outdoor settings, including underground or subterranean fibre cabling.

Here’s more information on the two innovative optical fibre closure designs we stock here at Warren & Brown Networks: 

  • Fibre optic dome splice closures – suitable for underground, aerial strand-mount, pole-mount, and wall-mount applications, this dome-shaped splice closure is designed for universal compatibility with all optical fibre cables, whether cut or uncut. Its ribbed plastic construction provides superior durability, as well as ease of access with minimal tools, and UV resistance, making this dome splice enclosure highly suitable for heavy duty applications and for housing network infrastructure in both indoor and outdoor settings.

  • Fibre optic inline splice closures – designed to hold anywhere between 24 and 192 splices and to be used in through, branch, or mid span splice locations, these inline splice closures are a vital component for any dynamic network that relies on spliced cables performing at their best in heavy-duty environments. These inline fibre optic splice closures are ideal for low-cost cable repair, have an IP68 waterproof rating, and are also RoHS compliant, ensuring that they’re suitable for installation in aerial, underground duct, and even direct burial infrastructure configurations.

Explore our Innovative Optical Fibre Closure Designs

At Warren & Brown Networks, we understand that a network is only as robust as its networking infrastructure. And when it comes to splicing cables, secure storage, temperature control, and cable organisation are all paramount.

That’s precisely why we’ve designed our optical fibre closures to be just as easy to handle as they are to install in amongst your cable connections. With sturdy build materials, water and UV resistance capabilities, and user-friendly designs, these optical fibre splice closures are manufactured to the highest standards so that they can safeguard your network infrastructure from season to season. 

Why Build your Network with Optical Fibre Closures from Warren & Brown Networks?

Warren & Brown Technologies is the preferred network hardware supplier for some of Australia’s most renowned telecommunications companies, including both the Telstra network as well as the NBN. That means that when you secure optical fibre closures and other networking products from Warren & Brown Networks, you’ll be equipping your own organisational network with some of the most tried and trusted networking essentials available in Australia today.

Our optical fibre splice closures are designed to house a large volume of splice connections. This means that you can integrate these cable management and protection solutions into a wide variety of dynamic networks, spanning from industrial networks to the high-traffic networks that support data centres.

Ensure that your Network Configuration is Secure & Designed for Longevity with Optical Fibre Closures from Warren & Brown Technologies.