Ethernet Cables

Ethernet cables are the essential link between your devices and your network. W&B Networks is at the forefront, offering a curated range of premium Ethernet cables, each engineered to meet diverse and dynamic connectivity needs with precision and performance. That's why we offer a wide range of high-quality ethernet cables designed to deliver fast data transfer and optimal performance.

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  1. WBT P/N: 660611

    CAT6 ethernet cable, patch cord, blue, UTP, RJ45
    As low as A$4.74
  2. WBT P/N: 660614

    CAT6 ethernet cable, mini patch cord, UTP, LSZH
    As low as A$6.80
  3. WBT P/N: 660811

    CAT6A ethernet cable, mini patch cord, U/UTP, unshielded
    As low as A$7.21
  4. WBT P/N: 660831

    CAT6A ethernet cable, patch leads, shielded RJ45, LSZH
    As low as A$9.36
  5. WBT P/N: 660851

    CAT6A ethernet patch cable U/UTP, unshielded, LSZH
    As low as A$8.17
  6. WBT P/N: TGL00000A0230XX

    CAT6 mini ethernet cable, patch cord, UTP, unshielded, soft LSZH
    As low as A$7.38
  7. WBT P/N: 660821

    CAT6A ethernet cable, mini patch cord, U/FTP, LSZH
    As low as A$6.46
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Benefits Of Ethernet Cables

Ever got frustrated in the office when your printer won’t load its jobs, despite the WiFi connection seemingly working just fine? Or at home, in a house of gamers, when even the video on your phone won’t load? If you live or work in an environment where your wireless bandwidth feels constantly like it’s being stretched to the max, then you’re likely in the market for some heavy duty ethernet cables.

Thankfully, our expansive range of ethernet cables here at Warren & Brown Networks has been curated to provide Australian homeowners and business owners with all the right ethernet solutions for their home and office networks. Our ethernet cables are designed to provide physical, more reliable network connections, whether for laptops or gaming consoles in the home, or desktop monitors and industrial printers in the workplace. 

When you design your home or office network with our ethernet cables, you can benefit from faster data transfer speeds, optimal performance, and a lower risk of connection dropouts. Say goodbye to irritating connectivity issues. And with all the colours of the rainbow to choose from for your cables, you can keep it basic or have fun. 

Browse through our range of ethernet cables here at Warren & Brown Networks today.

Our Ethernet Cable Compatibility

As one of Australia’s leading suppliers of networking hardware for both consumers and businesses alike, you can count on Warren & Brown Networks having ethernet cables to suit a wide range of domestic and commercial applications. For office owners looking to set up an entire network of devices, our CAT7 and CAT8 spectrums provide data transfer rates of up to a whopping 40 gbps, perfect for environments that rely on high-performance computing. 

Contrastingly, if you’re a home user, CAT6 cables boast reliable 10 gbps data speeds, and can be extended to support data over longer distances. With cables ranging from 0.5m to 10m, you can easily ensure that all corners of your property have reliable access to sturdy ethernet wiring.

We’re also proud to offer a range of compatible optical fibre products that allow our customers to make the absolute most of their heavy duty ethernet cables. From connectors and adaptors, to wall boxes and intelligent cable management systems, you can find ethernet cables and all compatible networking supplies right here at Warren & Brown Networks.

Why Purchase Ethernet Cables from Warren & Brown Networks?

There’s no better way to guarantee a strong connection between your devices and network than with Warren & Brown’s range of premium ethernet cables and other optical fibre products. You’ll be expertly protected from EMI with our shielded fold designs (S/FTP). The cables themselves are designed with hardy, durable materials that meet Australian telecommunications industry standards and are also better designed to stand the test of time.

We don’t call it a day at the end of our manufacturing process though. There’s a reason why we’re long-standing suppliers of Telstra and the Australian National Broadband Network, and that’s due to our commitment to deliver quality, innovation and flexibility. Our designers and engineers are on hand to provide localised, technical support and installation guides. We pride our customer service on being of the same quality of our expertly manufactured products, whether we’re speaking to a homeowner or the owner of a large corporation.

Experience the Warren & Brown difference today when you shop our full range of ethernet cables.