Ethernet Cables

Ethernet cables are the essential link between your devices and your network. W&B Networks is at the forefront, offering a curated range of premium Ethernet cables, each engineered to meet diverse and dynamic connectivity needs with precision and performance. That's why we offer a wide range of high-quality ethernet cables designed to deliver fast data transfer and optimal performance.

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  1. WBT P/N: TGL00000A0230XX

    CAT6 mini ethernet cable, patch cord, UTP, unshielded, soft LSZH
    As low as A$7.38
  2. WBT P/N: 660611

    CAT6 ethernet cable, patch cord, blue, UTP, RJ45
    As low as A$4.74
  3. WBT P/N: 660614

    CAT6 ethernet cable, mini patch cord, UTP, LSZH
    As low as A$6.80
  4. WBT P/N: 660811

    CAT6A ethernet cable, mini patch cord, U/UTP, unshielded
    As low as A$7.21
  5. WBT P/N: 660821

    CAT6A ethernet cable, mini patch cord, U/FTP, LSZH
    As low as A$6.46
  6. WBT P/N: 660831

    CAT6A ethernet cable, patch leads, shielded RJ45, LSZH
    As low as A$9.36
  7. WBT P/N: 660851

    CAT6A ethernet patch cable U/UTP, unshielded, LSZH
    As low as A$8.17
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Ethernet Cables You Can Trust

W&B Networks’ ethos is rooted in quality, innovation, and expertise. Each product is infused with insights from our seasoned experts, ensuring that every cable isn’t just a piece of technology but a beacon of unmatched performance and reliability, making W&B Networks a trusted name in the realm of superior connectivity solutions.

  • Superior Performance: Our internet cables are crafted with precision, ensuring that each wire provides optimal connectivity, minimizing lag and downtime.
  • Diverse Range: From CAT5e to CAT8, we’ve got the entire spectrum covered. Whether you're setting up a home network or a robust business infrastructure, Warren & Brown Networks has the right Ethernet cable for you.
  • Durability: Built to withstand the test of time, our cables are designed with high-quality materials that resist wear and tear.


Delving into CAT Cables

Our catalogue (or "CAT") unveils a spectrum of Ethernet cables, each offering unique data speeds, distinct features, applications and transmission frequencies:

  • CAT5e: An enhanced version of CAT5, this Ethernet cable supports data speeds up to 1Gbps. The CAT5e is your reliable companion for everyday internet needs, ensuring consistency. Ideal for home networks and basic internet needs.
  • CAT6: With double the bandwidth of its predecessor, CAT6 is perfect for businesses and tech-savvy households demanding higher data rates.
  • CAT6a: The CAT6a extends the horizon, supporting 10Gbps data speeds, a boon for complex, data-intensive operations. Boosting the performance even further, the CAT6a supports data speeds over longer distances, ensuring a stable and rapid connection. 
  • CAT7: Featuring shielding for individual wire pairs, CAT7 provides an incredible 10Gbps data rate, epitomising speed reliability. Making it a top choice for large-scale networks and professional setups. 
  • CAT8: The latest in the lineup, CAT8 stand unmatched and offers a whopping 25Gbps-40Gbps data rate. It's a game-changer for data centres and high-performance computing environments.


Why Warren & Brown Networks Internet Cables?

W&B Networks’ ethos is rooted in quality, innovation, expertise and delivering products that exceed industry standards. Our cables are the amalgamation of rigorous testing and international standards adherence, echoing reliability.

When you choose our Ethernet cables, you’re investing in reliability, speed, and efficiency. Experience the internet like never before. With Warren & Brown Networks, you're always one step ahead.

Browse our extensive collection today and elevate your connection with Warren & Brown Networks.