Warren & Brown has proven to be the industry leader in wire management technology. Our vast array of solutions for internal and external plant networks continues to expand on a weekly basis. Included in the range are Optical Distribution Frames (ODFs), subracks and fibre patch panels, optical fibre patch cords with optional Grade A connectors as well as a complete range of FTTH solutions including wall boxes, closures and Fibre Distribution Hubs.

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  1. WBT P/N: 112x251-256

    Microcore double sheath cable (12 - 144 fibres)
    Call us for a price or send enquiry
  2. WBT P/N: 112x246-273

    Microcore single sheath cable (12 - 24 fibres)
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  3. WBT P/N: 65900423

    MTP/MPO connector cleaning tool
  4. WBT P/N: TC2731SPL601

    1RU Sliding FOBOT, splice & patch fibre optic panel, 12F, OM1, LC, beige
  5. WBT P/N: TC4025WB4SCP

    Fibre optic outlet box, 4 SC/A
  6. WBT P/N: TC4025WB4SCP1

    Fibre optic outlet box, 4 SC
  7. WBT P/N: 634-series

    Low Profile LC, LC/A Duplex uniboot, reversible polarity push/pull tab patch cords
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  8. WBT P/N: 7006-ODF

    7006 series FTPs (1RU), up to 96-fibre for ODF
    Call us for a price or send enquiry
  9. WBT P/N: TC4050313DCE

    313 series ODF, 300mm deep, single sided access
    Call us for a price or send enquiry

    7006 series FTPs (1RU), up to 96-fibre for Equipment Racks (600mm deep+)
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  11. WBT P/N: TC7010

    TC7010 series FTP for Data Centre applications
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  12. WBT P/N: 7106

    7106 series FTPs (1RU), 144 fibre for ODF and Equipment Rack
    Call us for a price or send enquiry
  13. WBT P/N: TC402BP

    1RU Blanking Panel, Fits 19” Rack
  14. WBT P/N: 7106-MTP

    7106 series FTPs (1RU), 432 fibre for ODF and Equipment Rack
    Call us for a price or send enquiry
  15. WBT P/N: T012685

    LC/A-LC/A push & pull tab simplex singlemode, 3m
  16. WBT P/N: TC2731SAA1SPL027SH

    1RU Sliding FOBOT, splice & patch fibre optic panel, 48F, Singlemode, LC duplex
  17. WBT P/N: TC2731SASPL024SH

    1RU Sliding FOBOT, splice & patch fibre optic panel, 24F, Singlemode, SC APC
  18. WBT P/N: TC2731SAA1SPL021SH

    1RU Sliding FOBOT, splice & patch fibre optic panel, 24F, Singlemode, LC duplex
  19. WBT P/N: TC2732ASPL031SH

    2RU Sliding FOBOT, splice & patch fibre optic panel, 96F, Singlemode, LC duplex
  20. WBT P/N: TC2733ASPL002SH

    3RU Sliding FOBOT, splice & patch fibre optic panel, 144F, Singlemode, LC duplex
  21. WBT P/N: TC2733ASPL004SH

    3RU Sliding FOBOT, splice & patch fibre optic panel, 192F, Singlemode, LC duplex
  22. WBT P/N: 60083221209082

    Fibre optic patch panel, Splice/Patch, 2RU, 48 optical fibres, with SC APC through adaptors and pigtails, rear mount 19 inch rack
  23. WBT P/N: 60083221195082

    Fibre optic patch panel, Splice/Patch, 2RU, 48 optical fibres, with SC UPC through adaptors and pigtails, rear mount 19 inch rack
  24. WBT P/N: TC3093B

    Storage tray, 21 inch, 1RU
    Call us for a price or send enquiry
  25. WBT P/N: 60083223128081L

    Fibre optic patch panel, SC/APC, 48 fibre, 2RU
  26. WBT P/N: 60083223135081L

    Fibre optic patch panel, LC/UPC, 72 fibre, 2RU, multimode
  27. WBT P/N: TC2731SAASPL021SH

    1RU Sliding FOBOT, splice & patch fibre optic panel, 24F, Singlemode, LC
  28. WBT P/N: 63101394Z

    LC optical fibre singlemode pigtail kit, 12F
  29. WBT P/N: 63101395Z

    LC/A optical fibre singlemode pigtail kit, 12F
  30. WBT P/N: 63200483Z

    LC optical fibre multimode, OM3 aqua, pigtail kit, 12F
  31. WBT P/N: 63200484Z

    LC optical fibre multimode, OM3 beige, pigtail kit, 12F
  32. WBT P/N: 63200485Z

    SC optical fibre multimode, OM3, pigtail kit, 12F
  33. WBT P/N: 63200486Z

    SC optical fibre multimode, OM3 qua, pigtail kit, 12F
  34. WBT P/N: 63101397Z

    SC/A optical fibre singlemode, pigtail kit, 12F
  35. WBT P/N: 63101398Z

    LC optical fibre ST singlemode, pigtail kit, 12F
  36. WBT P/N: 63200488Z

    LC optical fibre ST multimode, OM1, pigtail kit, 12F
  37. WBT P/N: TC247007-40

    Fibre optic storage tray, 19 & 21 inch, 1RU
    Call us for a price or send enquiry
  38. WBT P/N: TC247007-40BK

    Storage tray, 19 & 21 inch, 1RU, black
    Call us for a price or send enquiry
  39. WBT P/N: TC247007-60BK

    Storage tray, 19 & 21 inch, 2RU, black
    Call us for a price or send enquiry
  40. WBT P/N: TC4028D171

    Splice and patch DIN mount fibre enclosure, singlemode, LC, 48F
  41. WBT P/N: TC4025MU1-12

    MTSQ Series MUTO, 6F, front panel LC/SC
  42. WBT P/N: TC4025

    MTRT Series MUTO (flex), LC/SC
  43. WBT P/N: TC2994CA12DPSC

    Fibre optic wall box, 12 fibres, SC duplex adaptors
  44. WBT P/N: TC2994CA24FCAP

    Fibre optic wall box, 24 fibres, FC adaptors & pigtails
  45. WBT P/N: TC4020E24LC

    Optical fibre termination and patching enclosure, indoor/outdoor, 24 fibre capacity
  46. WBT P/N: 116x02x20

    Singlemode attenuator 20db SC/APC
  47. WBT P/N: TC251S-1EX

    Universal optical fibre splice tray assembly, stackable with cover (12 splices)
  48. WBT P/N: TC251S-5

    Cover, universal splice tray
  49. WBT P/N: 60063221237081-9081

    Swing out 1RU FOBOT, splice & patch, multimode
    As low as A$648.45
  50. WBT P/N: 60083221448081-1081

    Swing out 2RU FOBOT, splice & patch, singlemode
    As low as A$1,046.10
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Comprehensive Fibre Optic Solutions


With robust network connectivity becoming increasingly vital to keeping Australia active, Warren & Brown Networks stands as a beacon of innovation in optical fibre technology, delivering unmatched fibre optic networking & data communications solutions for businesses and developments across the country. 

With a rich heritage spanning over a century, we have become the cornerstone of digital networking infrastructure in Australia, addressing the dynamic requirements of modern telecommunications with our bespoke fibre optic solutions.

Explore our full range of industry-grade optical fibre products and networking solutions right here at Warren & Brown Networks.

Explore our range of optical fibre products

Dive into our extensive catalogue, showcasing a spectrum of products designed to enhance
and empower your network infrastructure.

Optical Distribution Frames (ODFs)


ODFs facilitate intelligent cable management and accessibility, setting a new standard in network organisation. As ODFs are used to integrate fibre optic adapters & connectors and cable connections between communication facilities, this piece of networking infrastructure is considered essential for thousands of businesses across Australia.

HypaConnect - Slide Out FTPs & Modular FOBOTs


Developed to perform as state-of-the-art connectivity solutions, our HypaConnect integrated cabling solutions provide unparalleled reliability and seamless network integration. These sliding patch panels offer a fully customisable and modular solution that’s expressly been designed to accept fibre patch modules (WBT HypaConnect) of various configurations.

Optical Fibre Closures & Wall Boxes


Designed to offer robust elemental and dust protection in both indoor and outdoor settings, our optical fibre closures and wall boxes are a vital investment for safeguarding your network cabling against common environmental threats.

Connectors, Adaptors, Attenuators, SFPs


A small yet undoubtedly mighty component when it comes to optimising network connections, our connectors, adaptors, and attenuators are designed to facilitate a secure and stable signal for your network, ultimately enhancing both performance and reliability.

Fibre Patch Cords & Custom Cable Assemblies


Produced using only the highest quality cables and terminals and in alignment with internationally recognised standards, our fibre patch cords and custom cable assemblies are designed to keep all of your computer workstations securely connected to your central fibre optic patch panels at all times, ensuring consistent strong network connections across your wider dynamic network.

Cable Management Solutions


Our innovative cable management solutions maintain your network's organisation and functionality, simplifying management and future expansions as your network and networking requirements continue to evolve.

Fibre Cross Connect Subracks and IntelliFOX Blade Solutions


Designed for high-density applications across a wide range of industries (spanning from military facilities and public transportation data networks to telecommunications networks), our fibre cross-connect subracks and IntelliFOX Blade chassis and cassette solutions are perfect for facilitating high-volume data flow, catering to the demands of next-generation and rapidly evolving networks.

Australia’s Favourite High Quality Optical Fibre Products

When you secure optical fibre products from Warren & Brown Networks, you can always expect a consistently high level of quality across our expansive product range. 

Our product offerings are distinguished by their:


  • Grade A Connectors and high-density fibre cabling – our high-density cabling is designed to maximise signal integrity and facilitate the scalability your growing network requires.

  • Customised solutions – from our custom cable assemblies to our subassembly trays and subracks, our optical fibre products will support you in tackling unique infrastructure challenges, allowing configurations designed specifically for your network's needs.

  • Outdoor-safe models and pivot tray designs – robust network infrastructure is infrastructure that can be accessed safely and securely. Thankfully, our outdoor-safe cable boxes and versatile pivot trays ensure easy access and durability across a variety of installation scenarios.

  • Adherence to ISO 9001 Certification requirements – we maintain compliance with ISO 9001 Quality Management standards, with our certification being a badge of quality that showcases our unwavering commitment to excellence.

The Optical Fibre Products that Drive Australia 

Warren & Brown Networks' solutions bridge critical connectivity gaps across multiple sectors, including telecommunications, data centres, healthcare, and education. As the official supplier to the Australian NBN and a trusted partner to Telstra, our capacity to support major network operators and cater to specific industry requirements is unmatched.

Adhering to the highest industry standards, such as Telcordia GR-326-Core and IEC & TIA benchmarks, our products exemplify our commitment to surpassing global quality standards. Our ISO 9001 certification is a testament to our solutions' effectiveness and international compliance.

Secure your Optical Fibre Products with Warren & Brown Networks

Align with Australia's premier businesses and institutions that trust Warren & Brown Networks for their fibre optic networking needs. Experience the transformative impact of quality, innovation, and over a century of expertise on your connectivity solutions.

Contact Warren & Brown Networks today to explore how we can elevate your network's performance to new heights.

Benefits Of Fibre Optic Cables

Optical fibre networks are instrumental when it comes to setting up your home or office network. That’s precisely why we’re dedicated to providing Australian homes and businesses with only the highest quality optical fibre products. 

When you design your computer network with suitable optical fibre products, you can help ensure that your home or office space can enjoy robust network connections. Whether you’re after a patch panel for optimal optical fibre cord management to form the focal point of your set-up or a heavy duty distribution fibre-optic wall box that’s capable of holding up to 48 fibres, you can guarantee our products are of exceptional quality and are tailor-made for providing the most robust connections and reliable network infrastructure. Our pivot tray designs make for easy access to rear patching fields, and we have models designed for safe outdoor use as well.

If it’s a fibre optic cable you’re after, choose from our single or double-sheath models, which come in a variety of cable colours including yellow, aqua and violet to tuck discreetly into the background but remain easily accessible. We have patch cords with push/pull tabs for easy connection and disconnection, and connectors with reversible polarity, easily identifiable from the black or white window.

Explore our range of optical fibre products today to see the difference in quality at Warren & Brown Networks for yourself.

Compatibility With Fibre Optic Products

Our colourful flange thru adaptors enable your patch cords to be connected to all kinds of transmission equipment. What’s more, service restorations and maintenance are made possible through the adaptor units, so you’re ensured long term, mechanical performance for whatever your needs.

Our team at Warren & Brown Networks have well and truly gone above and beyond to make sure our products are fit for a diverse range of applications. Choose from single mode or multi mode for your cables. Our patch trays are also fitted with individual trays that ensure patch cord installation becomes even easier, eliminating the need for pull-tab connectors.

Check out our range of compatible products so you can get the very most from your optical fibre cables and other networking hardware.

Why Purchase Optical Fibres From Warren & Brown Networks?

WB Networks has been manufacturing in Melbourne for over 100 years, so we know how to adapt to changing markets and customer needs. Our range of optical fibre products has been developed and improved over 20 years of service to major network operators in Australia. Our practices are what have made us the official supplier for the Australian National Broadband Network (NBN), and a long term supplier to household-name Telstra.

Our distribution cables consist of multiple tight-buffered fibres, protected in an LSZH jacket with a strength member, all up to industry standard. We know how important security is, which is why our powerful fibre optic wall box is a wall-mounted, lockable unit with heat shrink splice protector holding clips for everyone’s safety, both internally and externally. 

Secure all the optical fibre products you need right here at Warren & Brown Networks today.