Duct sealing system, wraparound TDUX100

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A TDUX 100 inflatable envelope is used to seal a (medium size) cable at the mouth of a 100mm diameter duct or conduit. The inflatable envelope fully seals the cable into the conduit, thereby preventing the passing of water or any gas along the conduit. The TDUX 100 inflatable envelope contains a high pressure gas, and will provide a long term sealing life for the cable in the conduit. If access to the conduit is required, the TDUX envelope can be deflated and removed from the end of the conduit.

  • A TDUX inflatable envelope is quickly installed 
  • Provides a long life seal for a cable in a conduit, at the conduit mouth 
  • Prevents the passage of water and gas along an occupied conduit 
  • A TDUX envelope is re-usable 


195mm (W) x 150mm (H) x 485mm (L) (Box of 10 pcs) 


1630 g 





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