Heat shrink splice protector for 8 or 12 fibre, ribbon fibre (pack of 100)

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Application of a heat shrink splice protector immediately after fusion splicing will protect the spliced 8 or 12 optical fibre ribbon during installation, handling and storage for many years of the fibre’s lifetime. The heat shrink sleeves have been tested to Bellcore (Telcordia) Spec GR1380 Each protector has a clear outer polyolefin tube, and a 2 x 4mm half quartz di-electric strength member for low heat absorption, mechanical strength and electrical resistance. A shrink sleeve is completed in typically (40-60) sec, at a temperature of (100-120)˚C, to Ø5.4 mm dia. Typically, these heat shrink splice protectors are used in: 2RU Splice/Patch subracks, where ribbon fibre is used. They are usually housed in a Part No: TC250S-23 splice protector holder, mounted in a splice tray (stack) of Part No: TC251S-1X trays.

  • Clear sleeve, for 8 or 12 ribbon fibre
  • Standard length is 40 mm, other lengths are available
  • Sleeve installed in typically (40-60) sec
  • Each sleeve has a 2 x 4mm half quartz strength member
  • Easily installed
  • Available as: a pack of 100 (Part No: 100 x 121); or a single unit (Part No: 100 x 121-1)
  • Suits splice protector holder e.g. (Part No: TC250S-23); or 5 position (Part No: TC250S-7),These fit into splice trays – Small: Part No: TC250S-1X; Universal: Part No: TC251S-1X; and TC248S and TC248S-72A

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