Junction box for single RRU applications

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This is an IP68 weatherproof enclosure, typically installed on a pole at a Remote Radio Unit site. It allows the RRU to be connected by SFW over an optic fibre cable back to the main radio transmitter. It is used on the Next Gen system. The enclosure also allows the RRU radio equipment to be connected to the optic fibre cable using a composite cable, and the 2 x A/SC position patch panel provided. A twin power connector position is provided, to enable connection between two power cables. A screw secured cover is used. The enclosure is made of polycarbonate material to achieve a long service life, outdoors. A stainless steel mounting stand-off bracket is provided. This allows the enclosure to be bolted or secured using a 2 x SS Band ‐ it tapes.

  • Secure, removable cover, held by SS retainer ring
  • Single compartment
  • Weaherproof enclosure IP 68 rated
  • Has a two position patch panel for A/SC connectors
  • Has a twin power connector position provided (for an Anderson connector; not supplied)
  • Stainless steel wall standoffs provided, can be bolted or secured using Band‐it SS tape
  • Bottom entry for a composite optical fibre cable, through weatherproof cable glands
  • Equipment connecting cable, housed in a removable gland (Part No: 100 x 116); available separately
  • Purchase by the unit

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