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WBT’s innovative approach to wireless infrastructure cabling and connectivity has proven to reduce CAPEX and OPEX for network builders. By simplifying cable construction and utilising streamlined connection devices and interface boxes, WBT has a total solution that allows for easy and cost effective installation.


Innovative Cabling and Connectivity Solutions

Most modern wireless networks utilise a distributed base station architecture which physically separates the Remote Radio Unit (RRU)/Remote Radio Head (RRH) and Base Band Unit (BBU). The RRU which is now generally positioned at the top of the tower, just below the antenna, generally feature power and digital (optical) interfaces. Optical fibre cable has become the preferred choice for connecting RRU and BBU equipment as it provides high bandwidth, low latency and reliable transmission.

Power also needs to be transmitted and distributed to the top of the tower. However, instead of deploying a separate power cable, WBT’s hybrid cable incorporates both optical fibre and power into the same cable design. This minimises operational and installation costs and also provides a secure way of quickly installing and upgrading the wireless network. A range of interface boxes provides secure protection from environmental and harsh outdoor conditions as well as providing a reliable means of quickly deploying additional network capacity.

Furthermore, a range of RF jumper cables and accessories are also available, providing an end to end solution.


Optimising Your Network

WBT’s state of the art wireless infrastructure solutions simplify and optimise operations when replacing or upgrading traditional base station configurations to the latest distributed base station architectures and provide many advantages to network operators. Providing a high level of service reliability while balancing wireless infrastructure capital and operational costs is always a challenge for network operators. WBT understand that each network has its own unique set of circumstances and we work closely with every customer to ensure that the network solution offered is nothing short of a perfect fit.

Wireless architectures and deployment methods are generally adopted to industry best standards and practices, WBT understand that wireless networks have variables and WBT go above and beyond to ensure that the final product is exactly right for your network. As well as standard product offerings, the WBT product development team focuses on designing innovative custom solutions in a matter of weeks not months.


Quality products ensure reliable network operation and all WBT products have undergone rigorous testing in real world, harsh environments. State of the art manufacturing facilities and a stringent QA process ensure that all products deployed in a wireless network, are ready to operate trouble free from the beginning. Due to the products being fully assembled and connectorised in a controlled factory environment, the products are ready for plug and play installation as soon as they arrive on site.


In addition to the various customisation options, WBT products and solutions are adaptable to all network configurations. Standardised components and connectivity ensure product compatibility and inter-operability. Connectivity options are available to suit all major RRU brands and interfaces including Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei and ZTE. In addition, rather than only providing standard cable lengths in large metre increments, WBT offer the flexibility of providing exact cable lengths for connecting to the RRU. This reduces material cost and wastage and removes the need to store and manage excess cable lengths.


WBT products are designed to enable wireless networks to be quickly and cost-effectively built or upgraded by deploying a plug and play system. New wireless infrastructure can be quickly deployed with hybrid cable and inter-connection boxes as the plug and play system allows for rapid deployment of single or multi sector RRU’s.

The multi feed hybrid cable systems provide the option of deploying either multiple RRU’s at the time of initial installation or a single RRU with the possibility of future RRU additions. This scalable solution provides a cost-effective and efficient means of connecting additional RRU’s without disrupting pre-existing network services.

Optimising Wireless Infrastructure with Hybrid Cable

Wireless infrastructure hybrid cable is a specially designed composite cable that contains optical fibre and DC power distribution in a single cable. By replacing traditional multi-cable deployments which require longer installation times with hybrid cable, network operators are able to reduce installation times and cable congestion. In addition, due to the overall lighter weight of hybrid cable when compared to multi-cable deployments, tower load is also greatly reduced by approximately 30%.


WBT hybrid cable combines both DC power and optical fibre into a single, sturdy yet highly flexible cable.

WBT hybrid cable is available in a ½” diameter for single sector deployment, 7/8” diameter for multi-sector deployment of 4 RRU’s or 1 ¼” diameter for up to 9 RRU’s

Faster installation

Deploying a single cable with integrated optical fibre and power feeds is much more cost effective than deploying individual cables. By minimising cable runs, costs are saved and installation time is improved.

Reduced cable congestion

Due to the reduced diameter of hybrid cables, congestion is reduced on the pole, allowing more room for additional RRU and cable deployments. A ½” hybrid cable can support one mobile sector. In addition, the 7/8” hybrid cable can support up to 4 RRU’s, and the 1 ¼” hybrid cable can support up to 9 RRU’s.

Easier to upgrade network

The hybrid cabling systems for multiple RRU’s only needs to be installed once. Even if it is initially servicing 1 RRU, it has spare capacity for additional upgrades for up to 9 RRU’s. Rather than deploying extright angle cable up the pole, a simple hybrid jumper cable from the interface box to the RRU is connected to provide an extright angle service.

Optimising Wireless Infrastructure with Plug and Play Pre-connectorised Products

Factory terminated pre-connectorised products provide a faultless plug and play solution for wireless network operators. Each solution utilises industry standard connector interfaces to ensure reliable compatibility. This approach removes risk and intensive labour time from the field and instead improves reliability and efficiency.

  • DC power
  • LC optical fibre
  • MPO optical fibre
  • Hybrid power & fibre optic connectors
  • Multiple RRU vendor compatibility
  • RF Jumper Cables and accessories

Wireless / Mobile Networks Infrastructure Solutions Catalogue

The telecommunications industry has been one of the greatest drivers of innovation in the 21st century. The ever changing dynamics of this market, brought on by advancements in technology, coupled with consumer demands, has presented a challenge for most network operators.


System 1: Single RRU Solution - ½” Hybrid Cable

The ½” hybrid cable, single RRU solution from WBT utilises a weather-proof outdoor junction box and connects to the RRU via ½” hybrid tail cables. This system includes WBT ½” hybrid trunk cable which is provided as a pre-terminated solution and is supplied with the interfacing junction box. Single fibre or dual fibre tail cables are available to suit various RRU configurations.

In addition, a number of variations are available to also suit installations with pre-existing trunk cables. Custom hybrid trunk cable lengths can be ordered to exact metre requirements, ensuring no cable wastage and eliminating excess cable management.

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System 2: Multi RRU Solution - 7/8” Hybrid Cable

The hybrid multi RRU system utilises a weather-proof outdoor junction box and connects to the RRU via ½” hybrid tail cable. This system includes WBT 7/8” hybrid trunk cable which is provided as a pre-terminated solution and is supplied with the interfacing junction box. MPO connectors are provided at each end of the trunk cable along with the DC power interfaces. Custom hybrid 7/8” cable lengths can be ordered to exact metre requirements, ensuring no cable wastage and eliminating excess able management.

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System 3: 4 x RRU Solution - 7/8” Hybrid Cable (4G/5G)

This hybrid 7/8” multi feed trunk cable with hybrid junction box is used as part of pre-terminated solution to allow for fast and easy installation. The hybrid junction box provides 4 x hybrid terminal port connections, combining optical and DC power in one hybrid plug-and-play connector, designed to provide 4F MPO and 8F MPO RRU connections.

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System 4: Direct Connection Hybrid Feeder Cables

The direct connection hybrid feeder cables have been designed to enable fast deployment and to provide a reliable connection by means of weather sealed connectors. Typically, the cable will run from the RRU at the top of the tower to the BBU located in the communications room at the base of the tower. This solution provides a direct connection method, eliminating the need for a junction box. A number of cable options are available including custom lengths.

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System 5: 6 x RRU Solution Hybrid cable 6 DC and 2 x 12 MPO Assembly

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System 6: 9 x RRU Solution Hybrid Cable 9 DC and 3 x 12 MPO Assembly

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System 7: SMALL CELL (Radio Head 2.5G SFW <10km)

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System 8: SMALL CELL (Macro Lite GE SFW <10km)

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System 9: Plug & Play System Using Hybrid Connector

This plug and play system utilises hybrid fibre optic and power cable as well as an innovative hybrid connector. The hybrid connector provides both fibre optic and DC power connectivity. This method of connectivity reduced installation times and provides a secure and reliable means of rapidly deploying additional services.

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System 10: Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing (CWDM) Solution

CWDM allows the use of a single fibre to transmit up to 40 Km between the main radio unit and the remotes, utilising different wavelengths for transmission over a single fibre. This reduces the need to lay extright angle fibre cables in the field, which can be labour and material intensive. Additionally, it also enables mobiles equipment to be housed in the telecom exchange rather than in a hut or base station. This may be practical for remote locations or other areas which lack the necessary infrastructure or security. The various interconnection boxes, cables, SFP’s and other hardware offered by WBT, provides mobile network operators with a smooth upgrade path and helps to future proof for upcoming capacity requirements.

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