U-link, coax 1.6/5.6mm side monitor 26db

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The “U” link provides a circuit break point in coaxial cable circuits, at distribution frames only (eg DDF’s) for testing, installation, monitoring and commissioning the link as necessary. It is not to be used for in-service performance testing of the Telco link or circuit. This “U” link can be used on both sides of a DDF. Used with coaxial connectors and with either: 24 position (12 circuit), 1.75 RU, mounting strip; or 48 position (24 circuit), 1RU mounting strip. The “U” link contains a 1.5 k Ohm, 1% isolating resistor between the through circuit path and the 1.6/5.6mm monitoring port (for 26dB monitoring).

Only use the recommended and approved tools, methods and instruments, when using the ‘U’ link connector.

  • Proven, reliable, coaxial circuit connector item
  • Used on single mounting strips
  • Contains an isolating resistor between the through circuit and the female (26 dB) monitoring point
  • 75 Ohm impedance
  • Beryllium copper and brass contacts
  • Gold contact finish
  • Frequency range 1 to 70 MHz
  • Accepts both screw and snap type coaxial connectors

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