Slide out panel, 1RU, 19 inch with 3x16 fibre LC duplex to MTP cassettes (Samsung version)

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Distribution subrack, 1RU used in Radio Systems, mounted in a rack in an Exchange or Radio Site. Front/mid or rear mounts in a 19” rack. Three x distribution cassettes (Part No: TC7004P16LCD02) are housed in a slide open tray. Each cassette is individually removable, as they are catch secured. The main tray is secured by two catches. Each cassette has 2 x MPO (key up) 8 fibre connectors at the rear side (Polarity B1). Each of the 2 x 8 = 16 optical fibres has an appearance at the front of the cassette in 8 x LC Duplex through adaptors. The LC connectors enable singlemode patchcords (available separately) to connect to transmission equipment. Each cassette is assigned to Sector 1, 2 or 3 of the radio system. A patch cord guide bar can be attached to the front of the subrack.

  • Distribution subrack enables incoming 8 fibre trunk cables, fitted with MPO (F) connectors, to be “broken out”, to individual optical fibres at the LC patch panel housed on front of each cassette. From here, using LC patch cords, they connect to transmission equipment.
  • A total of 3 x 16 = 48 optical fibres can be broken out to single optical fibres, using this 1RU high, compact subrack. Each singlemode optical fibre carries a separate optical wavelength.
  • Each cassette is designated to one sector of the radio system.
  • A front guiding bar is supplied for outgoing patch cords
  • A pack of accessories is supplied
  • Purchase as a unit.

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