SFP 40km 1550 tx 2.5Gb/s CWDM S2 RRU

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SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable Transceivers) Modules enable mobile (Cellular) radio systems to operate reliably over a single, single mode fibre. with suitable high isolation MUX/DEMUX coupler modules. Typically one system or using CWDM (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing), up to 16 or 18 individual channels can be set up for single fibre working (SFW), between an Exchange and a Radio Tower Site. From an Exchange to a Mobile Base Station, using SFW, several independent RRU modules can be fed. As ADD/DROP MUX/DEMUX couplers can be used on a SF cable route, CWDM systems offer the advantage of being able to connect to RRU’s at several Radio Tower Sites. Typical transmission distances of up to 40km are employed at a 2.5 Gbps or 10 Gbps line speed. A typical optical link power budget of 19 dB is available. System components will operate reliably over a temperature range of – 5oC to + 70oC and 85% RH. SFP used with 10GBASE-ER and 10G Fibre Channel (with/without FEC).

  • SFP meets SFF-8431, SFF-8432 and IEE802.3ae standards
  • 10GBASE-ER and 2G/4G/8G/10G fibre channel applications
  • Wavelength selectable to ITU-T standards covering CWDM grid wavelengths
  • SFP is UL approved
  • SFP operational performance can be monitored in real time for: module temperature, supply voltages, laser bias current, transmit optical power and receive optical power
  • Cooled EML transmitter and PIN receiver
  • Low power dissipation 1.5 watts maximum
  • Uses a single 3.3 volt power supply
  • Bi-directional transmission over a single optical fibre
  • Hot plug-in capability, to Radio Equipment at both the Exchange and Radio Tower
  • Use with SMF and operates at CWDM wavelengths (on a flat part of the attenuation curve at 20nm spacing)
  • Each CWDM wavelength has a different (standard) colour code. .
  • Various CWDM wavelengths available, (meeting ITU-T standards) from 1270nm to 1610nm, with each step 20nm apart
  • Minimum optical power link budget 19 dB
  • DFB class 1 laser to IEC – 60825. Class 1 laser meets International standards
  • Multi-rate Operation, 2.5 Gbps or 10 Gbps
  • Optical transmit Power -0 to +3 dBm
  • Provided with LC duplex connector socket, for Tx and Rx connections
  • RoHS compliant and lead-free

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