Slotless joiner, 220mm

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The slotless joiner is used to link standard 220mm straight ducting with itself or any of the other 220mm components; with which it provides a smooth & strong joint. Typical other fittings are: horizontal or vertical elbows, cross connectors, tees, etc.; which require a joiner at each interface. The slotless joiner incorporates three metal spring brackets, which securely grip with the flat face of the mating 220mm duct components. This ensures that a positive, permanent connection is achieved. The slotless joiner is easily and simply locked or released by turning the locking slot through 90 degrees; using either a coin or wide bladed screwdriver. 

  • Quickly installed on 220mm duct components, to achieve a positive connection  
  • Quickly released, using either a coin or wide bladed screwdriver  
  • Incorporates 4 spring brackets, that make a permanent connection between 220mm duct components  
  • Tough, fire retardant material  
  • Purchase by the unit  

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