Splice through kit, patch cord, LC 10m (includes 8 off splice thru adaptors)

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The 2 x SMOF, duplex patchcords with LC UPC Grade "B" connectors of length 10m, has a LSZH sheath as standard. Each fibre cord is Ø2.0mm. The SMOF meets G652D specification, with no water peak in the wavelength profile graph. These ruggedized patchcords can withstand up to 6 full turns (360o) twists over a one metre length, without causing any significant increase in attenuation. However for best performance when using the ruggedized patchcord, full twists are best avoided. A single optical fibre cord has the following features: minimum tensile strength of 100N; an MBR of 30mm; ability to withstand a small crushing load; ability to withstand a small impact load; and ability to pass a standard edge bend test. Also supplied are 8 off, red coloured, SC through adaptors, that are used to indicate the optical fibre is directly spliced through, and does not have a connector connection at a patch panel."

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