Unterminated singlemode cord, grey, 657-A2, 50m

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This carton contains a 50m length, of Ø2.0mm Single Mode Cord, that features G657A2 fibre. The cord is coloured Grey and features a 900µm tight buffered fibre. The fibre has peripheral aramid yarn (e.g. Kevlar) strength member, provided under a LSZH (FR) sheath that is UV resistant. The cord has physical properties of: a high value of tensile strength; an MBR of 20mm; ability to withstand a small crushing load; and ability to withstand a small impact load.  The cord also passes a standard edge bend test. The cord is used in Exchanges or CO’s to inter connect telecommunication services.

  • Cord is run in ducting/troughing system, when installed in an Exchange/CO 
  • Cord can be installed around small radius curves, as the MBR is 20mm 
  • Cord is simple and easy to dispense from container box 
  • Long length hauling is possible due to high value of installation tension of 250N
  • RoHS approved 
  • FR to IEC60332 – 1 
  • LSZH Sheath 

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