Medium Density Optical Distribution Frames (MDODF), 200 series

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‘200’ series Medium Density Optical Distribution Frames MDODF is a 19” rear mounting configuration rack (with or without optional side panels and/or doors). Two frames can be installed back to back and can easily be added / integrated to an existing ODF & HDODF installations

Maximum fibre capacity:

Up to 648 fibre terminations (9 x 72F 2RU SC/A patch panels) with overhead cable entry and 576 fibre terminations (8 x 72F 2RU SC/A patch panels) with underfloor cable entry.

Size (mm) H x W x D:

  • 2200 x 600 x 300
  • Accepts loose/tight buffered cable types from 12 fibres up to720 fibres. Also accepts ribbon fibre cables with tubes housing 72 fibres 
  • Is easily added to existing HDODF and ODF installations 
  • The MDODF can also be installed: stand-alone or back to back or side by side 
  • Can be installed on a raised floor or under overhead superstructure, for bottom and top cable entry respectively 
  • External cable entry has its own compartment, that is separate from outgoing optical fibre cords 
  • Fitted with CEMT (Cable Element Management Tray) to fasten cables CSM and run cable elements in flexible transport tubes to each subrack position
  • Outgoing patchcords travel in an organised, protected manner, along a designated route, from each subrack, until they leave the MDODF at the top LHS, through a convoluted tube to the overhead ducting system 
  • Allows for storing excess patchcord length (of 2500mm) in a neat and organized manner 
  • Top and bottom high capacity ducting (raceway) allow side to side and back to back cross patching 
  • Accepts a variety of LH pivot, 19” rear mount subracks e.g. 2RU splice/patch (72f); or 2RU patch/patch subracks 
  • Has insulated, adjustable feet, and anchoring brackets. Supplied with floor securing fasteners 
  • Fitted with ESD earthing point and cable connection to building earth system 
  • Optional 2 point locking doors available separately. They can be removed quickly, and are flush fitting 
  • Optional side panels slide forward for installation and removal, when installed next to adjacent obstructions 

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