Slide out panel, 1RU, 19 inch

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This shelf allows for plug & play expansion with the individual addition of the 16 fibre Cassette Modules to a maximum expansion of 48 Fibres. The shelf is flexible in design. The telescopic slide-out drawer function allows the rear to exceed the front face giving excellent installation/maintenance access to the rear optical fibre cables/connectors. This product is used specifically within the Telstra Mobiles hybrid cable (optical and power feed), mobile base station to antennae infrastructure. It is used in the base station to patch services between the antennae hybrid cable and the active base station equipment.

  • Used with TC7004P16LCD01 (Telstra S/I 187/90153) 16 SM plug and play Cassette
  • Flexible - allows for timely expansion at a later time after the infrastructure has been installed
  • Excellent telescopic access to rear optical fibre/connectors
  • Meets all Telstra Mobiles optical performance criteria

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